Wiki Applications

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Wiki Applications

How can the Wiki be used for classes and research projects with undergraduates?

The FSU Wiki lends itself to the online creation and publication of projects that allow students to work collectively while tracking each individual's effort.

Farmington Mine Disaster Undergrad Research Project: Development of conference presentation to AATE conference by Celi Oliveto and Samantha Huffman (faculty mentor on research project, Fran Kirk.)

Instrumental Chemistry: Annotated bibliography of chemical instrumentation by students in CHEM 2215 with Matt Scanlon.

Biol 3360 Spring 2008 - Chicken Muscle AMP Aminohydrolase: Pre-lab preparation in Biochemistry by students in BIOL 3360 with Andreas Baur.

AIL reports: Samples of ways to vary sentence structure in Advanced Integrated Laboratory reports by students in AIL with Matt Scanlon and Harry Baxter.

Waste Stream Cost Analysis: Undergraduate Research Project proposal written by students Chris Warnick, Larisa Lynch, and Kylie Jones and advisors Erica Harvey and Don Trisel.

Op Shop Safety and Health: Undergraduate Research Project proposal written by student Chris Warnick and advisor Dr. Melissa Abbott.

Here is an example of a brilliant final paper:

Sample Upload

Use in co-curricular activities and other out of class endeavors:

SciTech Employment Opportunities: Employment and internship opportunites in Science and Technology.