Wesley Foundation

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 14:02 -- sewm02

Wesley Foundation


Advisor: Rev. Michael Waide (363-8210)

Wesley Foundation is a Campus Ministry to the college. This ministry is sponsored by the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church. Housed near the entrance to the campus beside the Alumni Center, the facility is available for meetings, receptions, relaxation, and study. Individuals are encouraged to drop in at any time. Campus groups and organizations are invited to schedule meetings and activities here. Participation in Wesley Foundation programs and the benefits of the Foundation's services are not limited to any particular religious affiliation, but are open to everyone in the college community. A prayer chapel is available on the second floor for persons of any faith.

Our services and programs include:

WEEKDAY LUNCHES The Wesley Foundation offers a free home-cooked meal to students on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30-1:00 PM.

FOOD PANTRY We offer a small food pantry of canned and dry foods for students who may be in need. The pantry is located in the building's first floor hallway.

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES The Wesley Foundation will be offering one internship position each semester, consisting of 5-10 hours per week of light administration duties.

COUNSELING The Wesley House and its campus pastor provide referrals to local, professional counselors. The campus pastor also offers short-term consultation and crisis intervention.

RETREATS The Wesley House and the United Methodist Student Movement offer periodic retreats for spiritual direction and discernment and for work team experiences.

COMMUNITY SERVICE LEARNING The Wesley House offers community service learning opportunities for students of the Fairmont State community.

MISSION TRIPS The Wesley House offers mission trip experiences and opportunities for students. Recently, students and faculty attended a mission weekend encounter in New York City, working with local food banks and homeless meal programs. The Wesley House also coordinates its mission trips with the WV Volunteers-in-Mission (of the United Methodist Church).

FINALS CARE PACKAGES Each semester the Wesley House (with donations from individuals, community groups, and local churches) prepares and distributes finals care packages to the students of the Fairmont State community

COMMUNI-TEA Periodically, the Wesley House offers an afternoon tea time for staff and faculty, an opportunity for fellowship and conversation. Communi-Tea seeks to foster and nurture community development among the staff and faculty of Fairmont State.

SPIRITUAL FORMATION AND DISCERNMENT The Wesley House and its campus pastor work with students to explore their call to vocational service within the community and the church.