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Brand & Model: Varian-Cary IE UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

UV-Vis operation manual Anyone caught downloading or using any software or playing music on this machine will be baned from the laboratory permanently. If you need to do something like that you must contact either Scanlon or Weekley for permission.

1. Turn the UV-Vis on and allow it to warm up for 20 minutes.

2. When you log in the computer, log in under “FAIRMONT” account, NOT “STUDENT” or “FAIRMONTSTATE”.

3. Put your name, date and time in the logbook, which is right beside the computer.

4. Click “Start” → go to “Cary WinUV” and “Scan”.

a. If you do this step, you will hear UV-Vis is making clicking noise

b. The number of Absorbance and wavelength at the both right and left corner of the screen should turn to red. Absorbance number is fracturing

5. Click “Set up” at the left side of the screen, and click “Baseline” tab.

6. Click “Baseline Correction” and “OK”

7. Click “Cary” tab

a. Make sure X-, Y-mode and scan control in the first tab.

X-mode Mode Nanometers

Start 800.00nm

Stop 200.00nm

Y-mode Mode Absorbance

Y-min -0.05

Y-max 1.00

Scan control Average time 0.100

Data interval(nm) 1.000

Scan rate (nm/min) 600.00

  • These parameters can be changed to whatever need to change

8. Go back to the screen, then click “Baseline” button under “Zero” button.

9. A grey box shows up.

10. Wipe the cuvette with Kim wipes and hold it on the frosted sides

11. Insert your blank sample, then click “OK”

12. After done, click “Zero” and click “start” in the screen

13. A grey screen appears.

14. Save your data into “CaryWinuv” under your own file.

a. If you don’t have one, make your file.

b. Name the sample and choose “sample 1”

15. Your blank sample line should be straight at this time. There should not be peaks

16. Insert your sample and click “start”

17. Repeat the same procedure from 14 – 16.