Theater Apprec Play 6

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Theater Apprec Play 6


[[Cheslea's group Okay, here it is feel free to change it. :)

Character A- Drew Character B- Bradley Character C-Emma (names came from no where any better ideas?)


Char B: It has been a year since we met, and I know you can't give up your past, but I really want this to be more.

Char C: You know what I've been through and you have been so understanding, I am so grateful you have waited a year for me to be ready.

Char B: So... Does that mean yes?

Char C: Of course.

Char B: Let's go home then, tell everyone there, my best friend is out of jail, you can finally meet him.

Char C: Definitely, I have things I need to get settled before we get married.

Char B: I quite enjoy hearing that come from your mouth. Hey! Why don't we get married there in New York.

Char C: That's a great idea, we can invite our families!

Char B: And my best friend can be in the wedding!

New York Restaurant

Char A: It's so good to be out of jail, it was crazy in there.

Char B: And despite everything you've been through I have great news.

Char A: I could use that, my girl won't return my calls and I have no idea how to get a hold of her.

Char B: I actually have a girlfriend, well more like a fiance really.

Char A: What? I can't believe that, I'm not even married I always thought I would be, I was always more of a ladies man.

Char B: Ha. Ha. We have to get back in a week, so it's a little rushed, you will have to meet her in the church.

Char A: Looking forward to it, and maybe I can come visit, find me a nice French girl.

Same restaurant different day

Char A: I am glad you finally called. I really neede you.

Char C: Yeah, and I have to make this right.

Char A: What do you mean, "make this right." What's wrong.

Char C: We need closure. Isn't that why you called?

Char A: No, I missed you, I want my life back.

Char C: You can't have it back, Drew, you messed up big time. There is no rewind button, no way to go back.

Char A: It was one time, I was upset, it was nothing.

Char C: It was not nothing, you were always upset, and you can't hit everyone that looks at you funny. You were coming for me because you misunderstood what was happening. My boss called me and you decided to hit eight people for it.

Char A: But I changed, I had. You were made me change, what got me through it, without you I'm nothing.

Char C: Drew, I moved on, I am in love and happy.

Char A: Just like that, two years and you couldn't even write to tell me.

Char C: I thought you deserved more, and I was angry, it took me a while to stop being made at myself then I got mad at you, I needed time.

Char A: Really, Emma, is that supposed to make it better.

Char C: No, nothing can, I know I am hurting you probably as much as you hurt me.

Char A: Is that what this is about; revenge?

Char C: You know I wouldn't do that.

Char A: Whatever..

Char C: Drew, come back, Drew!

Church: Wedding Day

Char B: I am really sorry, I know she meant a lot to you.

Char A: Yeah man, but I'll get her back. I just need to show her I changed. Forget her though, this is your day.

Char B: Yeah and I am getting very nervous, what if sh edoesn't show.

Char A: If what you say is true, a tornado couldn't stop her. You two sound like the real thing. What's her name you still haven't told me.

Char B: Emma

Char A: Weird, where did you meet her again.

Char B: France, what's wrong?

Char A: Nothing, don't worry,

Actual Wedding

(Character B (Bradley)beams as the Bridal march starts and the doors open to reveal his beautiful bride and hi best friends ex-girlfriend...)

Char A: Emma?

Char C: Drew?

Char B: Wierd.

Char A: Come on, great friendship, I go away fro a while and you steal my girlfriend?

Char B: This is the one, that I have heard so much about?

Char A: Of course, you knew that?

Char B: I was in France, I knew nothing!

Char A: You still knew, everything. You knew how much I loved her!

Char B: I didn't.... (Interrupted by his best friend ramming into him.)

Char C: STOP!!! (No one listens and boys keep fighting until guests break them up.)

Char B: I am really sorry, Drew. I would have never done that to you. I honestly didn't know.

Char A: It's over I know it, I wish I didn't. I wish it wasn't, but it is. (looking at Char C)You were right, I can't rewind.

Char C: I didn't know, I am so sorry.

Char A: Even if you did we can't change it, that's what they taught me; just to let it go. I have changed. (laughs while looking at the mess he caused)

Char C: There is a life for you, and you'll find it. I'm not going to worry about you. I do hope you can forgive me and maybe we could be friends, but I won't push.

Char A: Don't worry about me, and forgiveness is something I am getting better at. (turns and leave)

Char B: What now?

Char C: I think that was his blessing.

There also need to be more stage directions if you think of anything!