Theater Apprec Play 5

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 13:22 -- sewm02

Theater Apprec Play 5


Kirsti's group

(Class is going on when Kelley walks in about 15 minutes late for class.)

Professor: "Are you a privileged character Miss Ansar?"

Kelley: "I guess so..." (takes seat next to Aurora)

Aurora: " He's such an asshole. Did you get your paper finished last night?"

Kelley: "Uh that's due today?!"

Aurora: "Yeah... What made you forget?"

Kelley: " I've had a lot of sorority things going on this week, so I haven't really had much time for homework."

Aurora: "You need to get your head in the game! You're going to end up failing if you don't."

Kelley: "I know, I've gotten like five emails from the President of the Science Department. Looks like my parents wish is going to come true."

Aurora: "Stop going out so much! I can help you get caught up with the work you're missing."

Kelley: "Yeah, that's a good idea because at the rate I'm going, I'll lose all of my scholarships!"

Aurora: "If you don't get with it, you'll never get accepted to a Dentistry school and you'll wind up waiting tables at your parents diner your entire life."

Kelley: "Yeah, that's definitely not an option. I'm just stressed because my parents want me to wait tables and help with the family business, but I want to pursue a career in dentistry."

Aurora: "Yeah that sucks! So maybe if you could ask your teachers for an extension on your assignments. That would definitely bring your grades up."

Professor: *yells* "Ladies, this isn't social time. Pay attention!!!"

(Kelley and Aurora roll eyes)