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Theater Apprec Play 4


Kayla's Group

Joe:Can we wrap this up please? I have to get back to the office.

Jane: back to the office, or back to your mistress?

Joe: that's none of your business now is it?

Jane: How is that none of my business? I am your wife.

Joe: soon to be EX WIFE

Jane:How can you treat me like this? Have you forgotten how much I gave up for you?

Joe: I didn't force you into anything. You chose me over your family, it's not my fault they won't speak to you.

Jane:(starts to tear up)I loved you. You led me to believe you felt the same way.

Joe: Stop your nonsense, the only reason you were with me was for the money.

Jane: (crying) How can you be so cruel? This person in front of me is not the man i fell in love with. I wish i never met you.

Joe: I don't have time for this crap.I have better things to do.( cell phone rings- he answers) coming baby.

Judge: We'll continue this tomorrow.

Day 2:

Joe: Sorry I'm late. I was...

Jane: Spare me, I don't want to know where you were.

Joe: What? No "Hello Sweetie?"

Jane: Go to hell.

Judge: OK, lets get started shall we?

Joe: Thank you sir.

Judge: No problem. It's what I'm here for.

Judge: Why don't we start with you, Joe. What are your reasons for divorcing this woman?

Joe: Well clearly we don't get along.

Judge: Anything else?

Joe: I don't know, what do you call it? Irreconcilable differences?

Judge: Yes, that is the term.

Joe: Yeah that.

Judge: And what are these irreconcilable differences?

Joe: Look, sir, our marriage is in shambles and it is not going to get any better.

Jane: It's in shambles because of you.

Joe: You see what I mean?

Judge: Jane, why do you say it is your husband's fault the marriage doesn't seem to work?

Jane: Because he's a cheater and a liar.

Judge: When did you first suspect him of infedelity?

Jane: A few months ago. He started comming home late from work, sometimes as late as 2am. And when he was home, he didn't seem to want anything to do with me.

Judge: Was there anything else to further your suspicion?

Jane: Yes. One morning he left his cell phone downstairs and then went to take a shower. It started ringing so I answered it. A woman on the other end sounded very embarassed as she said "oh, im so sorry" and hung up.

Jane: That was all I needed to confirm my suspicion.

Judge: Do you have any hard proof of this infidelity?

Jane: Yes, sir. I hired a private investigator to follow Joe and find out anything he could on the matter.

Judge: And what were the findings?

Jane: He tailed him, after he got out of work, to the womans house. I have photographic evidence. He stayed there for sometime before he came home to me.

Judge: May I see these photographs?

Jane: Yes, I have them here.

Joe: I'm not denying that I cheated. I'm not proud of it, but I won't deny it. This is why we need to get a divorce. We are not in love anymore.

Judge: So it would seem.

Joe: The only thing we need sorted out is who gets what. And personally, I don't think she deserves a cent.

Judge: And why is that?

Joe: She tries to act like the innocent victim, but she's not so innocent.

Jane: Oh really, do tell, what have I done wrong?

Joe: You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Jane: I really have no idea, please, enlighten us.

Joe: Fine, seeming how you can't recall the details, I'll inform the lawyer of what happend.

Joe: Jane has neglected to mention her little trip to Vegas this past summer.

Jane: It wasn't significant.

Joe: Sure, if you call gambling away 50,000 dollars insignificant.

Judge: Is this true?

Jane: That's not fair. I just wanted to get back at him for cheating on me. He broke my heart.

Joe: Oh, please. You were only in it for the money, this proves it. If anyone is to blame for our problems, it's her.

Jane: Why would I have sacraficed my relationship with my family if I didn't really love you? I should have listend to them. They knew your family was no good.

Joe: Don't be so negative, once we get this divorce finalized, I'm sure they'll welcome you back.

Jane: You don't care at all that you cheated. I can't believe you. You're like a robot.

Joe: Just so long as I get to keep my money sweetie.

Jane: You disgust me.

Judge: Well, seeing as how there is new eveidence in the case, I'll look it over tonight, and we'll continue tomorrow.

Day 3:

Judge: Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton.

Joe: Hello sir.

Jane: Hello sir.

Judge: I have reached a decision regarding your case.

Judge: Based on the fact that Joe was proved guilty of infedelity and based on his annual income, I am rewarding Mrs. Hamilton the amount of 750,000 dollars. But due to the fact that Mrs. Hamilton gambled away 50,000 dollars of her husband's money in Vegas, that number will be reduced to 700,000 dollars.

Joe: As long as I am a free man, I can live with that.

Jane: Thank you, sir.

Joe: Now would be a good time to go call your parents, I suppose.

Jane: Yes. I think I'll do that.