Theater Apprec Play 3

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Theater Apprec Play 3


Mark's Group

(The lights come up on a psychiatrist's waiting room. Stage down-left, there is a collection of toys—just the sort of blocks on wires and such that you see in doctors' waiting rooms. There's a girl sitting next to them, pushing a block back and forth on its wire. She looks too old to be playing with them—12 or 13. This is Kiko. In a chair on the right, an older boy, probably 16, is sitting, looking bored. This is Aden.)

ADEN: She's late. I was supposed to be out of here fifteen minutes ago. (He turns to Kiko) Hey, do you know what's taking Dr. Wilson so long?

KIKO: They're late, they're late, they won't be back for years and days and centuries. Could the doctor help them then, I wonder?

ADEN: (intrigued, against his better judgment) Who are?

KIKO: Mommy, Daddy, what were their real names? I can't remember now... (giggles)

ADEN: Um... I saw your dad earlier. He's just in there talking to a nurse.

KIKO: (stands up, suddenly angry) No! You didn't! You couldn't have, he isn't there he's gone he's late!

ADEN: O... Okay then, I guess I didn't. Must've been somebody else then.

(There is a brief, awkward silence, then Kiko sits down in the middle of the floor. She starts tracing patterns on the carpet with one finger.)

KIKO: I knew a doctor once... Cats and dogs and birds and lizards, they'd all come marching two by two by two and they'd be cut and bleeding and crushed and whimpering and one all full of porcupine quills and he'd put them back together and they'd come back out still whimpering but with all the holes patched up and pink spots where he'd shaved the fur except when they didn't have any to start with, did you know there are dogs with no fur? They come from Mexico. Sand and sun and flowers and oceans and blood and death... And when the animals were all safe he'd come home and then Mommy would come home and we would eat dinner and then we would go to sleep and when we woke up in the morning there would be more animals that needed put back together and I always wanted to help him but he said no, you're not old enough how old is old enough, Daddy?

ADEN: ...Your dad is a veterinarian?

KIKO: But now he's gone gone gone he's late where is he why do I ask I know oh god I know!

ADEN: What happened to him?

KIKO: (shakes her head violently) I can't I can't I can't I don't want to remember them they won't leave my head I see them and they'll find me I can't!

ADEN: Okay, okay!

(Another awkward pause as Kiko slowly calms down)

ADEN: My dad's gone too. ...We came home from school one day and... he'd blown his brains out all over the wall. Still don't know why... he didn't even leave a note. And now this thing with my mom...

KIKO: You came with Father Sparrow, but you're no sparrow's child, little cuckoo. Where has Mother Cuckoo gone?

ADEN: You're not exactly one to be calling other people "cuckoo." Or "little," for that matter.

KIKO: (singsong) Snow crow foe throw blow know doe, a deer...

ADEN: Guess that's what I get for thinking you were almost making sense.

KIKO: How long has she been gone?

ADEN: ...What did you say?

KIKO: She was there and now she's not she went so very far away and she should have been back by now... (giggles)

ADEN: How do you know about that?

KIKO: So many things to see, so many many many all you have to do is look...

ADEN: What do you know about my mother?

KIKO: Mother Cuckoo went away and left her little chicks in Sparrow's nest...

ADEN: Yeah, I got that.

KIKO: But still the chicks watch Mother Cuckoo and now she's gone away and they wonder if she cares at all and where she went and why and did she just stretch her wings and fly away or did a cat rip her into little pieces? (dreamily) Feathers on the water, gray and yellow, black and white...

ADEN: That's not exactly a huge leap-

KIKO: (interrupting) You know they called it heroin because they thought it would save them? All those people caught by the claws of a dream... a hero to kill their monster, that's what they thought it was.

ADEN: ...Tell whoever put you up to this that it isn't funny.

KIKO: They laughed at you, didn't they, for all those years?

ADEN: Stop it. Now.

KIKO: Because they don't understand what it feels like. When Mother Cuckoo gives up her children for her needles. It hurts so very much, like... (trails off into silence)

ADEN: ...what? Are you going to finish that sentence?

KIKO: Finish what?

ADEN: Hurts like what?

KIKO: What does?

ADEN: What is wrong with you?

KIKO: You haven't seen them... so wrong wrong wrong why do they exist they shouldn't be there why are they there? (she suddenly freezes up, apparently looking at something only she can see) No... don't want to... why do I... (starts crying) remember... KIKO: (singsong, still crying) Things that were and things that are and things that never will be...

ADEN: You're either the best actor I've ever met, or so far off the deep end you can't even see the edge of the pool.

KIKO: I don't like pools... I once saw a little toady fall in the water and it kicked and kicked but since it wasn't a froggy it couldn't swim right and it tried to get out but the steps were too high for it to jump so I scooped it up and put it in the grass but I was too late, the water is poison and toady had had too much of it already... (sniffs, having finally stopped crying)

ADEN: ...Yeah, I'm leaning towards the second one.

KIKO: ...They don't hate you, you know.

ADEN: What?

KIKO: Father Sparrow. Mother Sparrow. The other little cuckoo.

ADEN: I didn't think they did.

KIKO: (giggles) I never know what I think. And... (trails off, appears to be listening to something) ...little angel flown away, she'll be back another day. Bye, cuckoo!

(KIKO waves and runs offstage. Immediately after she leaves, a door in the back opens and a nurse walks out)

NURSE: I'm sorry we kept you waiting; we just found out Dr. Wilson was in a car accident on the way to work, and she won't be able to make it in today. We may be able to get you in to talk to another psychiatrist, or would you prefer to just reschedule? I know you've been working with Dr. Wilson for a long time, so...

ADEN: Reschedule, I think. As long as I can get my prescription renewed now, I should be okay.

NURSE: I thought you said you wanted to talk to someone about the situation with your birth mother?

ADEN: No, it's okay. (smiles sheepishly) I think I just got all the psychoanalysis I need for a while. From a crazy person.