Theater Apprec Play 2

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Theater Apprec Play 2


Brandon's Group

Scene: Inside a funeral home lounge area. Two young men sit on an uncomfortable, posh looking sofa. Neither looks particularly happy. The two young men are the unnamed charachter, Chace, from monologue, and the deceased friend's older brother, MIKE. The scene opens with an argument between Mike and his father.

FATHER: Your Brother is dead because of you...This is all your fault!

MIKE: Get the hell away from me dad!

FATHER: I'll never forgive you for this!

MIKE: Get out of my face! (pause) Go!

Mike's father storms off. Mike sits down beside Chase who looks very unsettled by the argument. Mike lets out a long frustrated sigh and has a defeated expression on his face.

MIKE: He's right, isn't he.

CHASE: can't blame yourself...and he has no right blaming you.

MIKE: But I was the one driving the car.

CHASE: But it wasn't your fault. The other driver was drunk. He ran a red-light.You couldn't do anything to stop it...God this is so messed up...he was my best friend; my only friend.

MIKE: He was my little brother...If I could I'd trade places with him.

CHASE: I would too. I know you guys were close...I just can't believe he's gone; the only thing left is memories.

A tear streams down Mike's cheek and a slight smile appears on his face.

MIKE: At least the last memory I have is a good one...It was his birthday...We went to see a baseball game; my treat...Our team won. After the game we were meeting our parents in his favorite restauraunt. We were almost there, but then that drunk driver hit us. And that's were everything changed. I remember the blood and the screaming. My head was pounding and I had trouble seeing because it got smashed into the window. The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital bed with stitches, a cast on my arm, and a tube shove down my throat...Then they told me he died on the operating table from trauma and blood loss. I don't think I'll ever quit blaming myself...and I'll never forgive myself for letting it happen.

CHASE: You have to forgive yourself. I know he wouldn't want us being so miserable. He was lucky to have a brother like you...I was lucky to have him as a friend. I'll miss him.

MIKE: Yeah, I'll miss him too.

"Mike looks at Chase with hollow smile."

MIKE: Don't be a stranger.

Chase puts his hand on Mike's shoulder for a moment, then get up and walks away,leaving the funeral and the grieving family of his dead friend.