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Brand & Model: Varian-Cary IE UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

UV-Vis operation manual Anyone caught downloading or using any software or playing music on this machine will be baned from the laboratory permanently. If you need to do something like that you must contact either Scanlon or Weekley for permission.

1. Turn the UV-Vis on and allow it to warm up for 20 minutes.

2. When you log in the computer, log in under “FAIRMONT” account, NOT “STUDENT” or “FAIRMONTSTATE”.

NMR tubes

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NMR tubes

Cleaning NMR Tubes:

NMR tubes are fairly easy to clean if they are emptied immediately after use and washed with acetone (or another suitable solvent depending on the compound used).

An nmr tube washing apparatus is available near the maroon hood in the AIL lab (ed. note: insert instructions here!)

If the tubes are stained then it must be decided whether it is worth to clean them or toss them. (They are quite expensive, so consult your instructor before making this decision!)

If you want to deep-clean them,

IR Pellet Press

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IR Pellet Press

Making KBR pellets:

Cleaning the pellet press:

The main issue with the press is that the KBr is corrosive. So,

  • 1. first the pellet needs to be broken out with a spatula
  • 2. the steel parts are all thoroughly washed at the sink with lots of water until all KBr is washed off (it sits in the threads). Visually inspect.
  • 3. Wash with distilled water, followed by acetone finishes the job.
  • 4. Inspect again. Put away dry and clean.


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Running a Single Sample

1.) Place GC-MS vials into the sample chamber, starting in the first row #1

2.) Open the Real-Time Analysis Icon (when prompted for password: Username = Admin, and password blank. Select OK)

3.) If starting new method: Click File→ New Method File (name your method file and click OK)

4.) If using previously prepared method: Click File → Load Method File (Select your method and click OK)

5.) Click Method→ Instrument Parameters


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Idiot Sheet for the FTIR

Brand & Model Name: Midac Corporation M Series Spectrometer

1. Turn on the FTIR by pressing the switch on the black rectangle attached to the power cord

2. Allow the FTIR to warm up for 30min

3. Open the program "Essential FTIR" located on the desktop

Essential FTIR

1. Note the tabs in the lower left corner (Data, Instruments, Manipulations, etc.)


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Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Operating Procedure

1. Turn on the atomic absorption spectrometer (AA) using the main power switch located on the front right-hand side of the instrument. Allow the AA to warm up until the front screen reads, “Recall method y/n?” Sign in your name, time, and the element being analyzed in the AA user’s logbook.

2. Turn on the computer next to the AA, if it is not already on.

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