Student Organizations

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Student Organizations

The University strongly suggests that you find additional ways to spend time besides study. Why? Because you will have more fun—and get a better education—if you do.

Students who participate on campus tend to enjoy college more. Plus, taking advantage of leadership and service opportunities gives you great experience to take with you into your career and community. The University has more than 80 recognized student organizations in which to lead and participate. Plus, there are 24 intramural sports and several co-curricular programs.

To have your officially recognized student organization added to the Student Organizations Page on the main FSU website Student Organizations, please contact Laurie Johnston.


American Association of University Women Advisor: Maggy Helwig (367-4978) To promote equity for all women and girls, lifelong education, and positive societal change.

American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Advisor: Matt Scanlon (367- 4504) To encourage the advancement of chemistry.

American Choral Directors Association Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Poland (367-4118) To foster and promote choral singing.

American Institute of Architecture Students Advisor: Dr. Philip Freeman (367-4237) To organize architecture students to advance the science & art of architecture.

American Sign Language/Deaf Culture Club Advisor: April Starks (367-4252) To educate the hearing community about deaf culture and their language.

American Society of Civil Engineers Advisor: Tia M Como (367-4629) To encourage its members to study civil engineering and to advance the profession.

American Society of Interior Designers Advisor: Heather Casdorph (367-4367) To advance the interior design profession.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Advisor: Merle Thomas (367-4640) To advance the theory and practice of mechanical engineering.

American Society of Safety Engineers Advisor: Melissa Abbott (367-4633) To promote the advancement of the safety profession.

Anime Society Advisor: Jim Matthews (367-4780) To promote an environment to watch & discuss anime.

Ballroom Dance Team Advisor: Dr. Matthew Scanlon (367-4504) To promote interest in ballroom dancing

Baptist Campus Ministry Advisor: Joyce Rose (367- 4131) To organize, promote and support the American Baptist Campus Ministry through FSU students

Black Student Union Advisor: Persis Bates (367-4950) To promote the study of Black Culture

Cafe´ Advisor: Erin Hippolyte (367-4598) To promote cultural awareness and learning opportunities in French culture.

Campus Light Ministries Advisor: Dr. Tony Morris (367-4493) To help others find incentives for spiritual growth.

Chi Alpha Campus Ministry Advisor: Dr. Steve Haynes (367-4283) To promote a balanced community of worship, discipleship, and witness.

College Republicans Advisor: Donald Tobin (367-4496) To stimulate greater participation of all citizens in government.

Collegiate 4-H Club Advisor: Connie Moore (367-4765) To maintain and increase interest in 4-H.

Collegiate Singers Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Poland (367-4118) To foster and promote choral singing.

Community & Technical EMS Association Advisor: Robert Andrew (367-4847) To promote comradely among students with interest in EMS

Family & Consumer Sciences Association & Honorary Advisor: Dr. R Pierce (304-367-4509) President: Sarah Lewis (304-612-3531) Making a difference for tomorrow by acting today! To further the interests of home economics students.

Forensic Science Club Advisor: Jim Weekly (367-4494) To encourage & promote camaraderie between students who are interested in forensic science.

Gay/Straight Alliance Advisor: Jeffrey H. Ingman (367-4741) To promote the welfare of & services for bisexual, gay & lesbian individuals, as well as any minorities.

Health Information Technology Association Advisor: Amy Cunningham (367-4764) To promote further interest and understanding of the field.

Honors Association Advisor: Dr. J. Robert Baker (367-4260) To assist in the governing of the Honors program.

Increasing Our Faith Advisor: Connie Moore (367-4765) To increase faith in God and knowledge of the Bible.

Information Systems Student Organization Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Giorcelli (367-4724)and Dr. Joseph Blankenship (367-4954) To promote interest in information systems.

International Student Organization Advisor: Dr. Mahmood Hossain (367-4967) To promote intercultural communications and relationships.

Kappa Kappa Psi Advisor: Robert Hickey (367-4206) To promote the advancement of college and university bands through dedicated service and support to bands; comprehensive education; leadership opportunities; and recognition; for the benefit of its members and society.

Masquers Advisor: Dr. Francene Kirk (367-4170) To provide students with a working drama organization.

Music Educators National Conference Advisor: Mary Lynne Bennett (367-4179) To acquaint members with the privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession.

Non-traditional Student Society Advisor: Miwa Edwards (367-4208) To increase the awareness of Farimont State Unviersity's nontraditional students to the activities on campus.

Outdoor Adventure Club Advisor: Dr. Tony Morris (367-4493) To enjoy the natural beauty of West Virginia and to praticipate safely in various outdoor activities.

Phi Epsilon Kappa Advisor: Kristi Kiefer (367-4265) To promote and provide useful experiences for members and professional growth.

Residence Life Club Advisor: Dan Gockley (367-4216) To provide a learning living environment for a diverse student population.

Rugby Football Club Advisor: Teaching, promoting, and encouraging the game of Rugby Union Football in all its aspects.

Sigma Alpha Iota Advisors: Mary Lynne Bennett, Robert Hickey (367-4179)/(367-4206) To encourage, nurture and support the art of music.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Advisor: Rosa P Cassell (367-4087) To acquaint students with the field of human resource management and/ or labor relations.

Society of Automotive Engineers Advisor: Merle Thomas, Jr (367-4640) Dedicated to advancing mobility technology to better serve humanity.

Spanish Club Advisor: Gilberto Delgado (367-4595) To enhance language skills and explore Hispanic Culture.

STAND Co-Advisors: Dr. Don Trisel (304 367 4308) & Dr. Erica Harvey (304 367 4498) To promote a socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable WV through education and activities.

Student Accountant Society Advisor: Mary Burnell (367-4189) To foster better campus relationships among accounting students.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee Advisor: Kristi Kiefer (367-4265) To provide insight on the student athlete experience at Fairmont State.

Student Behavioral Science Association Advisor: Dr. Ann Shaver (367-4672) To promote more communication among student and faculty with psychology related fields.

Student Government Advisor: Laurie Johnston (367-4705) To regulate all matters pertaining to student life.

Student Graphics Organization Advisor: Vijay Raol (367-4104) To unite students interested in graphic design, generate new interest in field, & help students prepare for a career in graphic design.

Student Medical Laboratory Technology Association Advisor: Leslie Lovett (367-4766) To promote further interest and understanding of the field.

Student Psychological Association Advisor: Dr. Ann Shaver (367-4672) to promote communication & rapport among students & faculty with psychology related fields.

Student Veterinary Technician Association Advisor: Sherri Grudi (367-4589) To contribute to the veterinary technician's education.

Students In Free Enterprise Advisor: Jack R Kirby (367-4223) An international network of student, academic and business leaders who have made a commitment to create a better world with better leaders.

Wesley Foundation Advisor: Rev. Michael Waide (363-8210) To render a Christian ministry to the campus community.

Young Democrats Advisor: Dr. Craig White (367-4178) To pursue the ideas of liberty, justice, and freedom regardless of race, religion, or sex.