Student Government

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Student Government


Student Government at Fairmont State actively seeks to supplement the academic atmosphere with intellectual, cultural, and social activities. Student Government members are involved in all aspects of life on campus and work cooperatively with the college administration.

Every segment of the student body is represented in the Government. Members are elected each spring by the student body and receive special training for their positions. The association is comprised of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, representatives of the four classes and other student organizations. A faculty advisor is Laurie Johnston, Director of Student Activities.

Student Government meets every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in 128 Hardway Hall. All meetings are open and any student is welcome to attend.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Student Government?

    In order to join Student Government, members are elected. New term elections are held in the Spring Semester, with a following Fall Semester election to fill vacant spots. If there is an immediate need for a position to be filled, Student Government will announce the vacancy at the beginning of the new term and hold an In-House election per Student Government Constitution and By-Laws. 
    We would like to encourage anyone to attend the Student Government meetings whether or not you are an official member to see what it is like and to express your opinion on matters important to you. We meet in 128 Hardway every Thursday at 12:30pm.

What are the responsibilities of a Student Government member?

    The responsibilities of a Student Government member depend on the position in which that member holds. However, most members are responsible for but not limited to the following:

 Attend regularly scheduled meetings  Serve on assigned committee’s  Volunteer for Student Government activities  Work in the Student Government Office for one hour per week  Other duties as assigned to position per Student Government Constitution and By-Laws

What does Student Government do?

Article I of the Student Government Constitution and By-Laws states:

The purpose of this organization shall be to regulate all matters pertaining to the student life of its members which do not fall under jurisdiction of the faculty and administration; to promote general activities and develop a true college spirit; to train its members in the principles and practices of democracy; to constitute a medium for expressing the opinion of the student on matters of general interest and to strengthen the cordial relations existing between the faculty and the students.

I would like to co-sponsor an event with Student Government. What are the procedures to do this?

    Only recognized student organizations may ask Student Government to fund/ co-sponsor an event. All requests are made through the Advisory Council spring meeting. At that time, your organization may fill out the request form.

How do we become a recognized organization on campus?

    In order to become a recognized student organization, interested students must follow the procedures outlined in the Student Organization Handbook to petition Student Government. Interested students must have a written constitution, member list and a full time faculty/staff campus advisor. The members must be full time students, each with a 2.0 GPA and two thirds of the members must be upperclassmen. If your group is ready to petition Student Government, please contact the Advisor to Student Government to be placed on the Student Government agenda. Please see the student organization handbook for more complete information.

DISCLAIMER: Complete rules and regulations regarding Student Government or Student Organizations can be found in the Student Government Constitution and By-Laws and the Student Organization Handbook, respectively. All actions pertaining to Student Government or Student Organizations will be followed according to their respective Constitution and By-Laws or Handbook.

Contact Info

Ms. Laurie Johnston (Advisor)- 305 Colebank Phone: 304.367.4705 Email:


Student Government Members 2008-2009

President - Kelley Bronson

Vice President - Nicki Stanley

Secretary - Jessica Balsei

Treasurer - Phillip Nuce

Board of Governors - Shawn Ragsdale

Faculty Senate - Isaac Keenan

Director of Public Relations - Ally Chichester

Advisory Council - Brandon Fisher

Board of Advisors - Hillary Shultz

House of Representatives - Joyce Blair, Leroy Brumage, Spencer Burns, Lauren Mascioli, Ricardo Nesbit, Greg Swiger, Michael Wayman, Courtney Young, Jennifer Utt

Sophomore Senator - Courtney Bolyard, Katie Jackson, Alyson Wareing

Junior Senator - Ankeeta Singh

Senior Senator - Heera Akram, Anurag Bhattarai