Strategic funding

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Strategic funding


(After initial screening by Steering Committee, 4/22/08)

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Organization Amount Purpose Continuation status Goal(s) addressed
Associate Provost $10,000 Assessment Workshops, Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 opening weeks; for all faculty and specifically for assessment/liberal studies committee members One time Goal 1
Provost $150,000 Faculty and student development; technology for facilities upgrades Continuing Goal 1
Center for Teaching Excellence $25,000 Professional Development in support of graduate programs Continuing Goal 4
Internal Professional Development $7,400 Additional professional development funds for staff development Continuing? Goal 7
Office of Research $20,000 Matching suppport for professional student groups' travel, with a complementary requirement for publicizing. Similar to undergraduate research program Continuing Goal 5
Associate Provost? IT? $100,000 Assessment Software license Continuing Goal 1, 4?
Communications $68,000 Marketing Director Continuing Goal 2, 3, 4, 5
VP for Graduate Studies $3,500 Additional Marketing - initial budget from last year was exceeded this year for the bare essentials. Continuing Goal 4
Community Education $6,500 Establish marketing and advertising plan specific to CE activities One-time Goal 3
Action step 4.b
Community Education $8,800 Seed funding for initial targeted marketing to expand outreach of CE programs into underserved area. One-time Goal 3
Community Education $60,000 Fund Community Education staff One-time Goal 3


Community Service Learning $5000 Video-taping of community service projects One-time Goal 2
 ?? Academic Affairs? $10000 Faculty Loan to Business Program to help off-set the cost of release time for faculty Continuing Goal 2
School of Fine Arts $13,000 Expand cultural events off campus Continuing Goal 2
Student Affairs? $20,000 Expand our lecture series and provide more quality cultural programming to encourage more student participation Continuing Goal 5
Human Resources? $30,000 Wellness initiatives, particularly with potential to increase faculty/staff/student interactions Continuing? Goal 7
 ? $10,000 “grants” for collaborative community-building initiatives Continuing? Goal 7
Total Requests $472,954     All Goals

Year 2 Funding

Organization Amount Purpose Continuation status
Web and Graphic Communications $15,000 Student or Part-time person to work with Bob Heffner on forms management projects One time
President's Office $4,500 Deans' and Chairs' Retreat One time
CIO - Information Technology $3,000 Adobe products One-time
Asst to Pres/Dir of Communication $100,000 Carnegie Image Assessment/Marketing Continuing
Leadership Fairmont State $25,924 Leadership Fairmont State Continuing
Strategic Planning Administration $38,390 Strategic Planning Administration Continuing
Academic Admin-Faculty Development $50,000 Faculty Development Continuing
Physical Plant Administration $6,225 Landscape Worker Continuing
Physical Plant Administration $5,000 Recycling Initiative Continuing
TOTAL $248,039    

Year 1 Funding

Organization Amount Purpose Continuation status
Center for Teaching Excellence $10,000 Faculty Professional Development Continuing
Graduate Studies $10,000 Graduate Program Marketing Continuing
Fine Arts Outreach $5,000 Fine Arts outreach efforts Continuing
Center for Teaching Excellence $4,500 Faculty development grant - RSEED Continuing
Academic Services $70,537 Institutional Research position Continuing
Staff Professional Dev/Community Ed $37,534 Coordinator for staff development and clerical support for Community Education program Continuing
Printing and Binding $11,269.74 Strategic Planning Brochure and Plan Book One-Time
FSU Print Shop $2,369.08 SOAR posters, Faculty/Staff Directory, Board Room brochures, Occasional papers, name tag sheets, letters , and envelopes One-Time
Strategic Plan Administration $8,525.93 Hospitality, postage, facilities rental, contractual and professional One-Time
Carnegie Communications $37,356.00 Image study One-Time
TOTAL $197,091.75