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Posted Tuesday 2010 01 19

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Image:STANDAvatar.jpg About Us (Pics)
STAND || Students Taking Action in Nature's Defense
Designing a green campus community
With the help of some motivated students, Dr. Don Trisel, Professor of Biology at FSU, started an environmentally aware organization open to all those who think green. Since that time, in 1998, STAND has been active at FSU providing campus and roadside cleanup, donating trees on Earth Day, celebrating national recycling efforts, and much more.

With the exception of office paper, STAND facilitates all recycling on campus. We hold regular cleanups of a section of Locust Avenue that we have adopted through Fairmont's Operation Image. This year's students continue to be the most ambitious group in STAND history. Look for us in your neck of the woods. Questions? E-mail Meetings are posted on the STAND Calendar, so check it out and drop in sometime. We are always happy to have new members!!

Image:STANDAvatar.jpg Officers

  • President =
  • Vice-President =
  • Secretary =
  • Treasurer =

Co-Advisor = Dr. Don Trisel, Professor of Biology
Co-Advisor = Dr. Erica Harvey, Professor of Chemistry

Image:STANDAvatar.jpg 2010-11 Events

Events will be added as soon as information becomes available

For information on previous events, click here.

Image:STANDAvatar.jpg Goals

  • Integrated Campus Recycling Program Goal achieved, thanks to Physical Plant and the URP
    1. Recycling trailers
    2. Greater distribution of bins
  • Resource Conservation (reduce campus consumption of)
    1. Electricity
    2. Water
    3. Natural Gas
    4. Paper
    5. And much more
  • Adopt-a-Highway Goal achieved, thanks to Operation Image, adopted Locust Ave.
    1. We hope to adopt a portion of a local highway
    2. The adoption will consist of periodic litter pickup and general cleaning
  • Charitable Organization Assistance
    1. Habitat for Humanity
    2. Humane Society
    3. ProjectAware Foundation
    4. Friends of Cheat

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