Speaking and Oral Interp Team

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Speaking and Oral Interp Team

Public Speaking Coach: Dr. Bob Mild - 367-4167

The Team

The Team

Oral Interp Coach: Dr. Francene Kirk - 367-4170

What does this team do? The Speaking and Oral Interp Team travels to area colleges and universities to compete in events such as informative and persuasive speaking, dramatic duo interpretation and prose interpretation. (In the words of Holly Wilson; it's like acting for trophies.)


Next tournament - James Madison University - Feb. 5 and 6

Results for Marietta Tournament

Beth Mills and Hannah Ornowski - 3rd place in Dramatic Duo

Celi Oliveto - placed in Program Oral Interp and Dramatic Interp


Results for Geneva College Tournament

4th place team sweeps

Jeremiah Ripley - 1st in Dramatic Interp, 1st in Prose, 1st in Duo with Kayla Hudimac

Kayla Hudimac - 1st in Duo, 2nd in Prose

Holly Wilson - 3rd in Dramatic Interp, 5th in Duo with Celi

Celi Oliveto - 5th in Duo

Kelly Edmond - 2nd in Persuasion

Results for Marietta College Tournament

Holly Wilson - 1st Dramatic Interp

Results for Ohio University, Appalachian Swing

1st place in Limited Team Entry Sweeps

Jeremiah and Kayla - 1st Duo

Jeremiah Ripley - 3rd in Dramatic Interp, 6th JV Prose

Kayla Hudimac - 4th JV Prose

2007-08 Activities: The team competed at Cedar Crest College on October 20 and at Marietta College on November 3.

Results for the Marietta Tournament - Amy Napierkowski - 2nd place After Dinner Speaking, 2nd place Prose Interp; Celi Oliveto - 2nd place Program Oral Interp, 3rd place Dramatic Duo; Hannah Ornowski - 3rd place Dramatic Duo


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Dr. Aimee Richards coaches the teams.