Scrooge Rehearsal Information

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Scrooge Rehearsal Information

Rehearsal calendar changes - Tuesday, Oct. 21. Act I, Scene 8 at the end of rehearsal.

Concept and Scene Breakdown [[1]]

Rehearsal Calendar - Please click below

Image:Scrooge Calender Oct Nov.pdf

Costume measurements will be taken on Tuesday, September 30. Cast members who are also in the Mandrake, please go to the costume shop at 6:00 p.m. Everyone else will be in Room 314 at 6:30 p.m.

We will be doing a “read-through” on Tuesday evening. We will finish by 9:30.

If you are not available on Tuesday, September 30, please contact Crystal Conner at or 304-534-0047.

Rehearsal Schedule - Please check the schedule often. We may make changes.

Mark and Jimmy--please make arrangements with Dr. Huffman to go over your music this week. Let Crystal know your schedule.

Wednesday, Oct 1

6:00 - Act I: Scene 3 page 11 - Scrooge, Jollygoode, Hearty

6:30 - Scrooge - Music

7:30 - Bob Cratchit, Kathy, Tiny Tim - music

8:00 - The Cratchit Family - The Beautiful Day, Good Times

Will finish by 8:30

Thursday - Oct 2

6:00 - Act I: Scene 2 - Scrooge, Newphew Harry, Bob Cratchit (Shawn, get here when you can.)

Friday - Oct 3

6:00 - Scrooge and Marley

6:30 - Scrooge and Marley - Music

Monday - Oct. 6

6:00 - Ebenezer, Isabel and Scrooge - Music

6:30 - Company - Music

Finish at 8:30

Tuesday - Oct 7

6:00 - Tom Jenkins - Music

6:30 - Company - Music

Finish at 8:30

Cast of Scrooge, the Musical

Scrooge – Ray Mainenti

Bob Cratchit - A. Shawn Dunn

Harry , the nephew – Sean Marko

Kathy Cratchit – Leah Michael

Tiny Tim – Christopher Yost

Bess – Jennifer Hansen

Wine Merchant – Robert Sundin

Mr. Pringle – Anthony Marchese

Mrs. Pringle – Ruth Ann Knupp

Jollygoode – Loralee Simpson

Hearty – Marc Cornes

Mr. Carstair – J.D. Miller

Bissett, the butcher – Anthony Host

Mrs. Dilber – Carol L. Hall

Miss Dilber – Mary Tillman

Chestnut Seller – Briena Graziani

Beggar Woman – Clare Marie Tillman

Jacob Marley – Michael Vozniak

Punch and Judy Man – Jonathon Shay

Ghost of Christmas Past – Loralee Simpson

Tom Jenkins – James H. Clegg

Phantoms – Brady Dunn, James Clegg and TBA

School Teacher – Anthony Host

Jen – Madison Moyer

Ebby – Samuel Tillman

Fezziwig – Matthew J. Scanlon

Young Scrooge – Daniel Crowley

Dick Wilkins – Bruce McGlumphy

Mrs. Fezziwig – Kathy Dunn

Isabel – Elizabeth Huff

Ghost of Christmas Present – Marc Cornes

Mrs. Cratchit – Dani Brake

Peter Cratchit – Brady Dunn

Martha Cratchit – Shannon Yost

Belinda Cratchit – Bailee Tucker

Wealthy Shopper – Stormy Brotosky

Baker – Sara Greenfield

Helen – Leigh Anne Bolyard

Topper – Jeremiah Ripley

Mary – Dana Sayre

Christmas Yet to Come – Jonathon Shay

Boy with sled – Sam Tillman

Urchins/children - Sam Tillman, Mary Grace Tillman, Madison Moyer, Bailee M. Tucker, Kailee Latocha, Emilee Latocha, Brody Cooley, Sinead Tobin, Aydan Hansen, Alinya Hansen, Gatsby Rider, Brady Dunn, Autumn Hansen

Dance Ensemble – Briena Graziani, Stormy Brotosky, Hannah Haller, Morgan Gail Messenger, Madison Moyer, Anthony Marchese, Jeremiah Ripley, Bruce McGlumphy, Robert Sundin , James Clegg, Jonathon Shay

Please note that everyone will be in a variety of ensemble numbers. A vocal ensemble will be selected to perform in a variety of choreographed numbers.