Scrooge Production Information

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Scrooge Production Information

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This story is a magical journey of redemption. Ebenezer Scrooge has had opportunities in his life to be a happy person, but he let those opportunities slip by. Scrooge is not a "bad" person. In fact, he justifies his life saying "Everyone's a thief" and out to "rob me blind." He sees himself as an honest man and thinks those who go into debt are fools. He refers to himself as "Soft-hearted me! Hard-working me - Clean-living, thrifty and kind as can be." Scrooge is wounded and those wounds have made him the man he is, a man so blinded that it takes a magical journey (light) to open his eyes.

The last two plays we have produced based on Dickens' work have been dark. Our intent in those productions was to depict the injustice inflicted upon the poor in Victorian England. In this production, we want to create a world of contrasts. Dark---light. Cold---warm. Safety----danger. Sentimental----realistic. This project should be more joyous than our previous productions while still depicting the contrasting worlds of those who have material wealth and those who do not --- those who have love and happiness in their lives and those who do not.

Finally, this is a ghost story. The ghosts in this story are beautiful, fantastical and frightening. Scrooge's meeting with the ghosts may be real or it may be a dream, but whatever the you choose it to be, it should be powerful that a miserly old man is changed and changed for the better. So powerful, that the audience should be touched in a way that gives them pause, in a way that causes them, if only for a moment, to consider their own lives and their own fate.

Scene/character breakdown

Act I Songs

Scene 1 - Opening Company - Everyone

Scene 2 - Scrooge's office Scrooge Nephew Harry Bob Cratchit

No Better Life - Scrooge

Scene 3 - A London Street

Bob Cratchit, Kathy and Tiny Tim Well-to-do Shopper Stormy and her daughters Bailee and Madison Bess, Wine Merchant, Mr. Carstairs, Beggar, Mr. Pringle, 1st urchin (Aydan), 2nd urchin (Gatsby), Urchins, Jollygoode, Harty, Scrooge, Chestnut seller, Barrel roller (Matt Scanlon), Pub drinkers (Jeremiah, Bruce), Mrs. Dilber, Miss Dilber, Bissett, Punch and Judy Man, Children at Puppet show (Kailee Latocha, Emilee Latocha, Brody Cooley, Sinead Tobin, Alinya Hansen, Autumn Hansen, Mary Grace Tillman), Tom Jenkins.

I Hate People - Scrooge

Father Chirstmas Song/I Hate People - Tom Jenkins, Miss and Mrs Dilber, Bess, Mrs. Pringle (Ruth), Bissett, Beggar Woman, Wine Merchant, Urchins 1 and 2, children at puppet show, Punch and Judy Man, Chestnut Seller, Baker, Barrel Roller (Matt), Jeremiah.

Scene 4 - The exterior of Scrooge's Lodgings - His front door with gargoyle Note- this scene will be played in house. We do not need the gargoyle. Scrooge Marley's voice/face

Scene 5 - Scrooge's Bedroom (not hallway) Marley's voice Scrooge

Scene 6 - Scrooge's bedroom Wind/voice Scrooge, Marley

Make the Most of This World - Marley and Phantoms (Jimmy, Brady, Bruce, JD)

It's Not My Fault Scrooge

Christmas Past appears

Scene 7 - A School Room A Chirstmas Carol

Children - Aydan, Brody, Gatsby, Brady,

Teacher, Christmas Past, Ebby, Scrooge, Jen

Scene 8 - Fezziwig's Warehouse Scrooge, Chritmas Past,Fezziwig, Dick, Ebenezer, Mrs. Fezziwig, Isabel,

Party goers - Briena Graziani, Stormy Brotosky, Madison Moyer, Anthony Marchese, Jeremiah Ripley, Bruce McGlumphy, Robert Sundin , James Clegg, Jonathon Shay, J.D. Miller, Carol Hall, Mary Tillman, Clare Tillman, Mary Grace Tillman, Leigh Anne Bolyard, Autumn Hansen, Jennifer Hansen, Ruth Knupp, Sara Greenfield, Brady Dunn, Dani Brake, Shannon Yost, Dana Sayre

December the 25th Everyone in Scene 8

Party goers leave stage as 6 couples dance in background -- Ebenzer and Isabel sing and dance

Happiness - Ebenzer, Isabel, Scrooge, Christmas Past

Scene 9 - Ebenezer's Office (half of the office) Isabel, Ebenezer, Scrooge, Christmas Past


Scene 10 - Scrooge's bedroom Scrooge, Christmas Past

Scene 11 - Scrooge's bedroom Scrooge, Christmas Past

It's not my fault - Scrooge

I Like Life Present, Scrooge

Scene 12 - Pringle's toyshop window - Merry-go-round, fantasy Christmas tree Scrooge, Christmas Present

Toy Ballet - Daniel Crowley-Puppet figure of Scrooge, Elizza-Puppet figure of Isabel, Brie Graziani-Snow Princess, Sean Marco-Snow Prince, Bruce McGlumphy-Wind-up Monkey, James Clegg-Jack-in-the-Box, John Shay-Nutcracker, Robert Sundin-Toy Soldier, Jerimiah Ripley-Toy Soldier, Stormy Brotosky-Rag Doll, Madison Moyer-Rag Doll, 3XSmall Kids- Mouse, Cat, Dog. Those kids will be Emilee, Alinya, and Sinad.

Company will join song on page 44 - but do not need to be at choreography rehearsal.

Act II

Scene 1 - New St. Paul's Cathedral Giant Christmas Tree, a real version of the fantasy tree at the end of Act I. A church choir of children (Kailee, Emilee, Brody, Sinead, Alynia, Autumn, Aydan, Gatsby, Mary Grace, Madison, Bailee) Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, Kathy Cratchit, Christmas Present,Company (except Mrs. Crachit, Peter, Belinda and Martha)

Set changes to Cratchit's House ----See bottom of page 47

Scene 2 - Cratchit's House Bob Cratchit, Mrs. Cratchit, Tiny Tim, Kathy, Belinda, Martha, Peter, Scrooge, Present

Good Times Beautiful Day

Scene 3 - Harry's sitting room Helen, Harry, Topper, Mary, Children (Emilee Latocha, Brody Cooley, Sinead Tobin, Alinya Hansen, Mary Grace Tillman), Scrooge, Christmas Past,Briena Graziani, Stormy Brotosky, Hannah Haller, Morgan Gail Messenger, Madison Moyer, Anthony Marchese, Jeremiah Ripley, Bruce McGlumphy, Robert Sundin , James Clegg, Jonathan Shay, Mary Tillman, Sam Tillman, Clare Tillman, Loralee Simpson, Kailee Latocha

Minister's Cat -Everyone in this scene

Scene 4 - Scrooge's Bedroom Scooge, Voices, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Happiness (Reprise) A Better Life

Scene 5 - Outside Scrooge's Office (Work on this one) Ghost, Scrooge, Tom Jenkins, Crowd--Sara Greenfield, Ruth Knapp, Carol Hall, Daniel Crowley (not as Ebenezer), Elizabeth Huff (not as Isabel), Mary Tillman, Clare Tillman, Carol Hall, Stormy Brotosky, Jennifer Hansen, Kathy Dunn, Brie Graziani, Tony Marchese, Gatsby Rider, Brady Dunn, Aydan Hansen, Coffin bearers -D.J. Miller, Jeremiah Ripley, Robert Sudin, Matt Scanlon (as barrel roller - not Fezziwig)

Thank You Very Much- Everyone in this scene

Scene 6 - Cratchit's House Ghost, Scrooge, Mrs.Cratchit, Peter, Belinda, Martha, Kathy

Scene 7 - The Churchyard Bob Cratchit

Scene 8 - Hell Marley, Scrooge, Christmas Yet to Come, Four Phantoms, People from Scrooge's past - Fezziwig, Mrs. Fezziwig, Jen, Isabel, Dick Wilkins

Scene 9 - Scrooge's bedroom Scrooge, Ghosts of Marley, Past and Present are seen in the mirror.

Scene 10 - A London Street Scrooge, Boy, Pringle, Mrs. Pringle, Bissett Tom Jenkins, Miss and Mrs Dilber, Bess, Beggar Woman, Wine Merchant, Urchins Punch and Judy Man, Chestnut Seller, Baker, Company (everyone except the Cratchits and Harry and Helen)

Finale -- Everyone

Scene 11 - Cratchit's House

Scene 12 - London Street Full Company and children's choir