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Director: Dr. Francene Kirk

Musical Director: Dr. Valarie Huffman

Choreographer:Charlie Dillon

Stage Manager: Crystal Conner

Assistant Stage: Caitlin Hudkins


This story is a magical journey of redemption. Ebenezer Scrooge has had opportunities in his life to be a happy person, but he let those opportunities slip by. Scrooge is not a "bad" person. In fact, he justifies his life saying "Everyone's a thief" and out to "rob me blind." He sees himself as an honest man and thinks those who go into debt are fools. He refers to himself as "Soft-hearted me! Hard-working me - Clean-living, thrifty and kind as can be." Scrooge is wounded and those wounds have made him the man he is, a man so blinded that it takes a magical journey (light) to open his eyes.

The last two plays we have produced based on Dickens' work have been dark. Our intent in those productions was to depict the injustice inflicted upon the poor in Victorian England. In this production, we want to create a world of contrasts. Dark---light. Cold---warm. Safety----danger. Sentimental----realistic. This project should be more joyous than our previous productions while still depicting the contrasting worlds of those who have material wealth and those who do not --- those who have love and happiness in their lives and those who do not.

Finally, this is a ghost story. The ghosts in this story are beautiful, fantastical and frightening. Scrooge's meeting with the ghosts may be real or it may be a dream, but whatever the you choose it to be, it should be powerful that a miserly old man is changed and changed for the better. So powerful, that the audience should be touched in a way that gives them pause, in a way that causes them, if only for a moment, to consider their own lives and their own fate.

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