SciTech Mentor Link Program

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 10:21 -- sewm02

SciTech Mentor Link Program

College of Science and Technology Mentor Link Program


Support and encourage incoming science, math and technology majors by connecting them in mentoring relationships with successful upper-class SciTech students and alumni.

Through the establishment of mentor/mentee relationships:

…mentees will have access to an initial contact within the SciTech community, providing opportunities for introductions to staff, faculty and SciTech learning opportunities.

…mentees will receive academic support and opportunities for tutoring from mentors in their major of study.

…mentees will have access to College alumni to support professional success outside the classroom

…mentees will receive encouragement to explore career options, internships and research opportunities

…the College will foster greater alumni involvement, recognizing their vital roll in the sustainability and success of the College

…to grow a greater sense of community

If you are interested in participating in the SciTech Mentor Link program as either a mentor or mentee, please contact the program coordinator at (304) 367-4246 or email.