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Director notes and questions about scenery and props

Toy Store Window - Charlie is using rag dolls, a snow princess ballerina, toy soldiers,a monkey, a kitten, a jack-in-the box and marionettes for the toy ballet. The carousel is not featured in the dance.

Here is Charlie's list for Act I Scene 12 "I Like Life"

Bruce McGlumphy- Organ Grinder Monkey with cymbols and pez. James Glegg- Jack in the box Leigh Ann Bolyard, Clare Tillman - Rag Dolls Sean Marco, Brie Graziani- Ballet Snow Prince and Princess Jonathon Shay, Robert Sundin, Jeremiah Ripley, Anthony Marchese, 1 Teddy Bear, 1 Nutcraker, 2 Toy Soldier Elizabeth Huff, Daniel Crowley-Wind up Dolls or puppets on strings for Ebenezer and Isabel Scrooge- Ice Skates!(Roller Blades)


Act I, Sc 6 - Scrooge's Bedroom - We need a chair, a side table and a dressing screen.

Act I Scene 9- This scene is in Scrooge's office at the beginning of his career. We only need his desk, gold coins and a scale. This need to be a quick scene change.

Act II, sc 1 –The Cratchit House - We need a table with 7 chairs and a chair where Mrs. Cratchit will do her sewing. Tiny Tim needs his own chair. The other children can sit on benches. We need glasses for the toast. The pudding, the goose (uncooked) on platter, the stuffing and some small side dishes for the table. We do not need the copper kettle. We need a coat stand or somewhere for Bob to place his coat. Bob make his punch at the table. We need some bottles with liquid and small containers with spices and two large wooden spoons.

Act II, sc 3 - Nephew's house -- A small side table to hold the bottle of port. A blindfold. Use the chair from Scrooge's bedroom in this scene. At the end of the scene, Scrooge will sit in the chair and "dream" as the scene changes back to his bedroom.

Act II, sc 6 - The Cratchit House - This scene requires a very quick change. We only need Mrs. Cratchit's chair, Tiny Tim's chair and the window.

Act II, sc 8 -- Please note description of furniture.

11/24/08 Props List; updated from Wiki, emails, and rehearsal report information Image:Scriptproplist.xls Punch supply props pending