Puppet Script 2

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Puppet Script 2

Three Billy Goats Gruff - Group 2 Script

Authors:Marc, Dana, Ashley, Gary, Eliza


Aaden-10 years old, Youngest/smallest Billy Goat, logical, inquisitive, timid, afraid of heights,just started playing soccer last year

Evan-13 years old, Middle/medium Billy Goat, lazy, self involved, always right, envious of older brother, daring, on the soccer team but gets overshadowed by older brother

Ethan- 18 years old, Oldest/largest Billy Goat, insistent, patient, caretaker, protective, mature, athletic, hillside soccer champion 3 years running, star of the team

Mortimer- large in stature, bad-tempered, callous, stinky, but most important misunderstood


a bridge connecting two large hillsides where the goats play soccer


2 hills

soccer ball

bridge- made in perspective, get smaller the farther back the bridge goes.

Aaden jersey- each jersey is made with the goat age as their number and their name on the back.

Evan jersey

Ethan jersey

Aaden goat head- the smallest head with small horns

Evan goat head- the medium-sized head with medium-sized horns

Ethan goat head- the largest head with large horns

Aaden goat profile- smallest goat, movable legs and head

Evan goat profile- medium goat, movable legs and head

Ethan goat profile- large goat, movable legs and head

Mortimer jersey- VERY large jersey with #1 on it and Mortimer's name

Mortimer face front puppet- Large shadow with movable legs, arms, and head (it may take 3 puppeteers to operate the large Mortimer)


      • Stage Directions in parentheses ()***

Scene 1 Narrator- Once upon a hill on a warm sunny day, the Gruff ~n~ Stuff soccer team prepared for their upcoming match. This was no ordinary soccer team; three brothers made up this team. The first brother 10 year-old Aaden. (Aaden's Soccer Jersey is shown). The second brother 13 year-old Evan. (Evan's soccer jersey is shown). And the third, oldest brother, 18 year-old Ethan. (Ethan's soccer jersey is shown). These three brothers were billy goats. (Jerseys come down & billy goat heads come up). Like any soccer team, especially one with billy goats, their favorite move to practice was their head butts. (Ethan)-Come on, Come on, I bet I can head butt the ball more times than both of you put together, Ethan the oldest Billy goat yelled. (Evan)- That's just because you have the biggest head! Laughed Evan, the middle Billy goat said. (Aaden)- I don't want to. It hurts my horns. The smallest Billy goat Aaden whined. (Evan)- You're such a kid. Evan said (Ethan)- Stop picking on him already. Evan screamed. How many times can you hit it? (Evan starts bouncing the ball on his head. He bounces it 3 times then hits it to Aaden. Aaden bounces it once) (Aaden)- OW! Aaden yelled (And he hits it to Ethan. Ethan bounces the ball 5 times and then passes it to Evan, who hits it 2 times and passes to Aaden. Aaden it hits with his head again.) (Aaden)- OW! He yelled again. (Then Aaden stops playing.) Aaden- Can't we practice something else?! Narrator- Now, just like any soccer team they began to practice kicking the soccer ball. (scenery is set with the two hills, one large hill in the center of the screen, and the other hill at the side. Aaden, Evan, and Ethan are at the bottom of the first hill. Aaden kicks the ball; it rolls halfway up the hill and bounces back down. Evan kicks the ball; Ethan kicks the ball too far, and it goes over to the other hillside.) (Evan)- Ethan!!! You lost the ball! Cried Evan. (3 brothers scurry up the hill and see the ball on the other hillside.) (Ethan)- It's just on the other hillside. We can go get it. Ethan Said (Aaden)- But how do we get to the other side? Aaden questioned (Ethan)- Then Ethan remembered There's a bridge down in the valley. Narrator- So then the three Billy Goats crossed the bridge.


Clip*Clop*Clip*Clop* (first one crosses)

	Clip*Clop*Clip*Clop* (second one crosses) 
	Clip*Clop*Clip*Clop* (third one crosses) 

Narrator- (to the audience) Where do you think the ball is? Is it here? (points to a spot) What about here? (points to a different spot) Is it HERE? (points under the bridge)

(Evan)- Hey! Where's our ball?! Evan shouted

(Ethan)- Ethan reassuring them said It has to be here somewhere.

(Aaden)- Did you check under the bridge? Asked Aaden

(Evan)- No. Evan said. Why don't YOU check under the bridge? (Aaden)- I CAN'T check under there. Aaden said wearily (Ethan)- Would you two stop bickering! Ethan said sternly. We'll all go under the bridge together! (Ethan turns to check under the bridge, but before he can Mortimer enters) (Mortimer)- Looking for this! Said the troll Mortimer. (holds up the soccer ball) MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! (Aaden)- Give us back our ball, Mortimer! Pleaded Aaden. (Aaden charges after Mortimer for the ball, but Mortimer fakes him out.) (Mortimer)- MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! Laughed Mortimer with pleasure. (Aaden)- Well, you just wait. Aaden proclaimed. My older brother, Evan, will take the ball from you. (Mortimer)- Come and get it! Challenged Mortimer. (Evan charges Mortimer, trying to ram into him. He misses Mortimer completely.) (Evan)- Where did Mortimer go?! Questioned Evan. (Mortimer)- MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Evan)- You're good, but my older brother, Ethan, is better. Screamed Evan. He'll get the ball from you! (Mortimer)- Let's see him try! Said Mortimer. (Ethan runs toward Mortimer. They bat the ball back and forth, taking the ball from each other over and over. Ethan finally gets the ball from Mortimer. Both of them are out of breath.) (Ethan)- Wow! You are a really good player! Ethan exclaimed. Will you be on our team? (Mortimer)- But you are all billy goats, I wouldn't fit in with you. Mortimer said. (Ethan)- Then Ethan spoke up. But you are so good. We could really use you on our team. Besides, our next match is against the seven dwarves so we need someone else to play on our team. (Evan & Aaden)- Yea! You are really good. You should play with us. Shouted Evan and Aaden (Mortimer)- I guess if you all want me to play. Mortimer said. Narrator- So, Mortimer became a part of the Gruff~n~Stuff team, which is still undefeated to this day. (See the 4 jerseys) THE END!!!