Puppet script 1

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Three Billy Goats Gruff - Group 1 Script (Morgan/Jeremiah/Matt/Sarah)


The Narrator - The storyteller/a person sitting in front of shadow puppet thing - -

Dorito - The Biggest/Oldest Billy Goat - -

Frito - The Middle Billy Goat - -

Cheeto - The Little Guy - -

Ruffles - The scary Troll with heart

SETTING: The grassy knolls of Lays Land

TIME: Present

The Narrator (eating a bag of chips, making the story up as he goes): Aw, hello I didn't see you there. I'm guessing, by the fact that you all are staring at me that you want me to tell you a story. Ok...well have I got a story for you...have you ever heard the story about the three billy goats gruff? (If they say YES go oh well this is my version/ If they say No then say...GREAT, that's great.) This story starts out in a not so grassy knoll in the Land of...the land of...(Look at bag of chips now!)Lays. With the three billy goat brothers named...Dorito, Frito, and Cheeto. One day the three billy goats were having trouble finding food...

Cheeto - Hey guys, I have this great idea...

Dorito - Ah, be quiet Cheeto you never have any great ideas.

Frito - Yeah, your ideas are...never great!

Cheeto - No, no listen this one is a great idea. I was running by the bridge and I saw across it. There were hills and hills of some of the freshest, greenest grass I have EVER seen! We should cross the bridge and eat the grass.

Frito - Yeah, that is a great idea.

Dorito - No it's not.

Frito - Yeah, no it's not.

Cheeto - Why not?

Dorito - Why do you think no one else has gone to the fresh grass if it's so great?

Cheeto- Well. . . maybe no one else has found it.

Dorito - Wrong! No one has gone because it's dangerous.

Frito - Yeah, and scary.

Cheeto - Don't tell me that my two OLDER brothers are chicken!

Frito - Well. . .

Dorito - We're not chicken!

Frito - Yeah we're not chicken! We're not?

Dorito - No! We're just smarter than you. Fine if you want to get to that grass so bad then you go over, and we will follow you.

Cheeto - Fine I will!

Narrator - And so little Cheeto huffed along and made his way to the bridge. As he approached the bridge, he noticed an eery fog surrounding it. Strange sounds filled the atmosphere. Little Cheeto gulped and began to wonder if this was such a good idea after all. He crept up to the entrance and peered over the long, shabby boards. He wanted to turn around, but he was not going to let his brothers think he was afraid. As Cheeto made his way across the bridge a sudden growl came from below the bridge.

Ruffles - (Growling) Who's that trip-trapping on my bridge?

Cheeto - (Very timid) It is I, Cheeto, the youngest billy goat gruff.

Ruffles- Know this. All who enter here are mine. I will eat you up in one gulp!

Cheeto - But, but, but wait my brothers are on their way. . . and they are bigger and fatter than I am! Dorito and Frito would be much tastier.

Ruffles - Hmmmm . . . Proceed.

Narrator - As Cheeto makes his way to the grassy and lush hillside, Dorito and Frito approach the bridge bickering.

Dorito - Listen here, Frito, there is no way my left horn is smaller than my right.

Frito- I measured them as you were resting today and yes they definitely are.

Dorito - (simultaneously) There is no way . . .

Frito - (simultaneously) They are, they are, I am sure . . .

Dorito - Huh?! That little runt actually made it to the other side.

Frito - How in the world?

Dorito - Look at him frolicking and leaping around.

Frito - I think he is mocking us! Look at him enjoying that luscious grass.

Dorito - What? Are you going to let him get away with that? Go over there right now and show him who's boss!

Frito - Yeah!

Narrator - So, Frito galloped towards the bridge. Without hesitation, Frito leaped across the bridge when out of the misty fog he heard . . .

Ruffles - (Roar!) Who's that trip-trapping on my bridge?

Frito - (frightened and screaming) Ahhhhh!

Ruffles - I said . . . Who's that trip-trapping on my bridge?

Frito - It is I, Frito, Cheeto's older brother.

Ruffles - Cheeto?

Frito - Yeah, the little billy goat who just made his way across the bridge.

Ruffles - Ah, yes, but know this. All who enter here are mine. I will eat you up in two gulps!

Frito - But, wait. My older brother will be making his way across shortly. He is much bigger and fatter than I. He would be much tastier.

Ruffles - Uh . . . you goats are testing my patience. My hunger is growing by the minute.

Frito - Just wait for him. I promise he will be worth the wait.

Ruffles - Ughhh . . . proceed.

Narrator - Frito arrived safely to the grassy, green knoll. Dorito stomps his way to the bridge. He seems unbothered that both of his brothers made it to the other side before him. As he enters the bridge, he hears a mighty gruff from beneath it.

Ruffles - Who's that trip-trapping on my bridge.

Dorito (unafraid) - That is not your concern. I am crossing this bridge and you will let me pass!

Ruffles (laughing) - Ha, ha, ha. Know this. All who enter here are mine. I will eat you up in three gulps!

Narrator - Dorito arches his back, raises his mismatched horns, stomps his mighty hooves and releases a great snort. He thunders his way across the bridge. As he approaches the other side, the troll lifts his gruesome arm and reaches for the fat goat. Dorito is thrown from the bridge and lands on the edge of the grassy knoll.

Dorito (yelling) - Frito, Cheeto! Help, I'm falling. I'm on the ledge of the grassy knoll.

Narrator - Frito and Cheeto run to their brother. The troll grunts his way towards Dorito. Just as the troll reaches him, Frito and Cheeto pull Dorito to safety, and the nasty old Ruffles falls into the river, flowing quickly under the bridge.

Dorito - Ummm . . . thank you, guys. I'm so glad you were here to help me. I made fun of you for not being brave, but you had to be brave to save me.

Frito- I'm sorry, Dorito. I told the troll to eat you, because I was mad at you. But, I'm so glad you made it safely.

Cheeto - I'm sorry, Frito. I told the troll to eat you, too, because I was mad at you both.

Narrator - The three billy goat gruffs finally realized just how important they were to each other, but most of all Doritio realized he did neeed his two little brothers, more then he thought. Without the fighting they all got to enjoy the green green grass on the other side...Oh and Ruffles he fell into the river and that river took him out to the ocean where a big blue whale swallowed him up, and Ruffles lives in that whales belly to this day! And that my friends is the story of tale of the three billy goat gruffs and how a troll named Ruffles helped them realize how much thet really do need one another.