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What ideas do you have for uses of this wiki? Reply here or email Erica Harvey at ( if you would like to get involved or add your ideas.

Bulletin Board - Proposal

One possibility is to have a bulletin board where people can post items for sale or giveaway, or wanted items. Shane figured out how to have a template for that type of thing so people would just have to enter information and all the entries would have a general format. Any interest out there in helping to organize such a thing? Harvey, Erica 22:21, 19 December 2007 (EST)


For Sale
Item For Sale: Test item
Description: This is a description of the item I am selling and it can be as long as I would like it and have

other formatting in it.

Asking Price: $99.99
Contact Info: Tom Jones


When is the bulletin board going to be up and running?? Warnick, Christopher 14:10, 21 January 2008 (EST)

Hi Chris - I think it could be started whenever you want to start it. Just need to choose a descriptive page title, create the page, and paste the formatting from above into it. Then add an item or two and we should be off and running. I suppose it could be organized by headings, like by week or something, with most recent weeks at top of page?? Harvey, Erica 17:23, 21 January 2008 (EST)

If the bulletin board is something that people want to pursue, lets discuss the organization of it. Some structure such as:

  • Classified Ads
    • Classified Ads - For Sale
      • For Sale - Available
      • For Sale - Sold
    • Classified Ads - Wanted
      • Wanted - Available
      • Wanted - Sold
    • Classified Ads - Giveaway
      • Giveaway - Available
      • Giveaway - Sold

So, when an item has not sold yet, it would be under the available category. When an item has sold, it should be moved to the sold category. When creating an item, set the category up such as [[Category:For Sale - Available|2008 January]] will place it into the category For Sale - Available, but will sort it by year/month. Then, it should display the name of the page. This would allow people to easily view the newest items (within month ranges). Instead of 2008 January, we could always use the actual date, 2008-01-01. This is all something to think about. Jordan, Shane