Outlook Calendar

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 08:45 -- sewm02

Outlook Calendar

Navigation Pane

On the left side of the screen in Microsoft Outlook you’ll see the Navigation Pane. You’ll notice in the top area that it displays Folders.

Below the Mail area you’ll see a series of Buttons: Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Public Folders, Rules and Options.

If you click on the Calendar button, the Calendar will appear on the right side of your screen. The same thing will happen when you click Contacts, etc.

Scheduling an Appointment

There are several different methods of creating an Appointment in Outlook Calendar.

Probably the quickest way to create an appointment is to go to the calendar day for the appointment, and DOUBLE CLICK QUICKLY on the Time and Day for the appointment. Or you could also RIGHT click on this time and date. A drop down menu with New Appointment will appear. Click New Appointment. Both of these methods will open an Untitled – Appointment menu screen.

For advising appointments, please use the subject text "Advising - First Last" where First Last is your first and last name.

You can select your advisor to determine if the day and time is available for them to meet.

Click "Invite Attendees" to schedule with your advisor

In the Required text box, type the name of your advisor.

To check the schedule of your advisor, click the Availability tab.

The availability chart automatically displays schedules on the day of the meeting with the time of your meeting highlighted. A blue bar next to a name means that that person is busy. To change the meeting date, click the Start time or End time box, and then select a new meeting date/time.

When you finish checking availability, click the Appointment tab to finish filling out your meeting request.

Below the Reminder area you will see a blank white area. This area is a “text box” where you can type additional information on your advising appointment if you need to do so.

Save and send your appointment. You will receive an email response from your advisor that indiates if they will be available to meet with you at your requested appointment time.