Opscan grading

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 08:35 -- sewm02

Opscan grading

Basic Instructions for Using Remark Classic OMR software with the Pearson NCS OpScan Insight 4 scanner in 310 HHH

(i.e, grading your "scantrons"!)

  • Turn on scanner (white button on left front.)
  • Load your sheets face up, with the key on top, using the Press to Load button.
  • Open the Remark Classic OMR 3.0 software (Remark Classic OMR)
  • Go to File/Open/Template and go in the Pearson NCS folder.
  • Choose the template for form Ncs-223127.rco (This assumes you are using the pinkish 8.5 x 11 inch forms now available in the cabinets by the scanner in Rm 310 HHH.)
  • Go to Tools and choose Read. This brings up a reminder to load your sheets. Push OK to send your sheets through the scanner.
  • When scanning is complete it asks "Would you like to continue your session?" Choose End Session if you have scanned all your scoresheets.

You should now see a spreadsheet-like display with some items in yellow and/or green highlighting.

  • Choose the Easy Grade icon (highlighter pen). If you scanned your key first, it uses that to do the grading.

The Remark Quick Stats window opens up.

Display Reports lets you choose from a bunch of different and useful reports, which you can then save in a variety of file formats (e.g., html, Excel, pdf, etc.) Condensed item analysis is a nice report to see the correct answer and a quick visual and numerical view of your students' answer choices. Student grade report is analogous to the graded scantron sheets that come out of the old scanners, but it takes a long time to generate these.

Especially if you are storing programmatic assessment data, a useful place to save your data is in the V drive, in the space for your department and program.

Export Gradebook lets you export the basics: names and any other identifying info you had students include, grade, percent score and raw score. You can choose whatever delimiter you want for this file, and then if you open it in Excel you can add additional delimiters. If you want to have the student first and last names in two different columns in Excel, it is helpful to choose Space as a delimiter in addition to comma and tab. YOu may still need to do some clean up on the file to get all the rows aligned, especially if students forgot to bubble in the empty circle for the space between their first and last names.

In the Data tab to the left of the Reports tab at the upper left of the screen, Export Data and Grade Results lets you save everything in a big spreadsheet file that can be opened by Excel or other spreadsheets for later analysis.

File/Export/Test Item Data lets you save a file that shows student name, then the student answer for each question and whether or not it was correct.

  • When you finish, close the Remark Quick Stats window.
  • Then you will see the Remark Classic OMR window again, as you did just after scanning and before grading. Close this window also.