NTSS Minutes September 24, 2009

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 08:08 -- sewm02

NTSS Minutes September 24, 2009

Call to Order

Time: 12:30

  • Members present: Jason Miller, John Lawrie, Miclele Lawrie, Sampy Hardin, Micheal C Wilson, Anup Poudel,Jane Gilehrist, Tiffany Christopher, Scott Carr, Denise Jett
  • Meeting begin by everyone in the room going around the room and introducing themselves.
  • Scott then went around the room after this and asked everyone why they thought they qualified as a non-trad? He said he had received a lot of emails from people asking him if they were non-trads. He explained that non-trads consist of anyone who does not go straight from high school to college, are 25 or older, independent of their parents, single parent. There are a number of things that can qualify you as a non-trad. Visit our website for more details. (www.fairmontstate.edu/nontrad)
  • Scott asked everyone if they knew how to get to our website? Then he proceeded to show everyone how to get to it. He also said he would email the link to them.
  • Scott outlined some of the things that can be found on our website for example that 25% of students on campus are non-trads. There is a list on the page also that tells what a non-trad is, Also it explains what being a member means.
  • Mia Edwards our advisor, explained what a non-trad member does. Mainly we are here to help other students with a wide range of problems. Ranging from where certain buildings are to if we know what teachers are better for certain classes.
  • Scott then asked if anyone in the room had any problems?, There were a couple and he addressed them with the students in the room and tried to help them.
  • Scott talked about the historical tour of Fairmont on the trolley he wants to do this with the non-trads. He asked if there was a good time for this? He asked everyone to email him with times that would work for them for this tour. Also, family members are also welcome on this tour.
  • He also asked if there was anyone interested in a ebay class? He explained the class and what it would consist of, setting up an account, showing how to list a item and sell a item on ebay. If anyone is interested in this please send request with available times in a email to Scott.
  • Other events he mentioned was screen printing and that we could also do this like we have in the past. He explained we do this in the Tech Building we make the screens, and do the printing on the shirts ourselves. He told everyone they could email him if they were interested in it. Our next meeting will be announced and we our trying to have it on the trolley.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 1:20.



  • Historic Fairmont Tour on the Trolley
  • eBay Class
  • Screen Printing T-Shirts