Non-Trad Minutes, Feb 10th, 12:30, Library-Skylab

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Non-Trad Minutes, Feb 10th, 12:30, Library-Skylab

Non-Traditional Students Society Minutes

  • Meetings members:

Scott Carr, Denise Jett, Olive Johnson, Harry C. Fisher III, John M. Golden, Peggy Frum, Dee

Stover, Russ Stover.

  • Date: February 10,2009
  • Time:12:30pm

Meeting begin at 12:35pm, by club Pres. Scott Carr

Meeting minutes by Denise Jett:

Meeting began with Scott, Pres. doing introductions of board members. We talked about since

so many Non-Trads work during the day having a night or weekend meeting. Members thought this

would be a good idea, So Scott said he would look into it.One member brought up doing a meeting

over blackboard.

Scott informed everyone of where the Non-Trad web site is located. Scott told members we are

always looking for suggestions from members of things to add to our website. Also told

members we do have a blog site also. The website is: Talked about becoming a

member and getting a free T-Shirt, plus there is no member fee for Non-Trad Society. Need to

come up with a design for Non-Trad logo for T-Shirts. Miwa brought up that our T-Shirts are

paid for already. Scott gave his email address for anyone who might have ideas they want to

share his address is: Scott spoke of being able to make our own

screen T-Shirts we have everything we need. Need to set a date and time to get together

to make T-Shirts, Opened to any suggestions on design logos.

Ebay class was brought up, Scott said he will doing a Ebay class for members interested very

soon. Scott brought up his Ebay account and showed items he had sold. He talked about how to

know the right items to sell and what does sell on Ebay.He said the more of the item on

Ebay at the time you are selling the better the price you will get. Things you will need to

sell on Ebay is: A Ebay account, and also a paypal account. Scott said, He uses also to make his items look better. With Auctiva you get a online store which is

different then Ebay. Problem with date for class is everyone's work schedule.

Scott also mention about Non-Trads getting their own lounge. A lot of Non-trads travel distance

and this way they would have a place to rest between classes, also we could have food available

for the students. Also mention about meeting from now on in the second floor lounge.

Scott mention about doing a geocaching and explained what it is and how it works. Gave the

website for it: Told that there is geocaching on the campus.

Scott asked if any members had any questions? One member asked about community

service if we were thinking of doing anything like this. Scott said sounded like a good

idea and we could do something community service related he would look into this. Another

member mentioned about maybe doing a picnic to get more Non-Trads together. Scott also

mention about doing something to honor Non-Trads graduates, No one ever does anything

for them or remembers them. Talked about making up a committee to put together the Non-

Trads picnics.

Before closing the meetings Scott gave every member present homework. Want each member to

talk to two or three people who are Non-Trads and tell them they are a member and get their

email address. Then emails the addresses to Scott so he can introduce himself to those

students. Our next meeting is scheduled for March 9th, at 12:30pm in the Library-lounge,

second floor.

Scott closed the meeting with informing the members he would send out emails with upcoming



Constitution and Bylaws


Students needing assistance should contact the Non-Traditional Student Coordinator, Miwa Edwards in the Community & Technical College, Room 207 HB. Retrieved from ""