Mock University

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 07:59 -- sewm02

Mock University

As instructors and program faculty, we will want to see developmental progress even when that won't be included as the only direct measure for the program outcome.

Link to Program Outcomes for Mock Program 1: Mainly Elementary Education

Deb, Sharon, Carolyn, Fran, Jack.

Direct measure types for program outcomes:

  • Rubric score on field-based experiences. (business, tech, ed, nursing clinicals)
  • Rubric score on portfolio
  • Score on standardized test
  • field or content gpa - as a direct measure of content in selected situations -- Deb will make sure this is added as a direct measure for one of the program outcomes in Mock Program 1.
  • Interview or exit interview


Link to Program Outcomes for Mock Program 2: Mainly Nursing (Associate's degree)

Jim, Tanya, Erica, Rick, Bill

Direct measure types for program outcomes

  • reflection/analysis (journal)
  • Single assignments (homework problems, case studies, group work, care plans, discussion postings and even transcripts of class discussions, process recording)
  • Exam or quiz
  • Rubric on performance. Senior comprehensive projects/research projects, capstones, recitals, shows - accompanied by portfolio and also as a stand-alone element.
  • Written report/paper
  • Self-evaluation of their meeting of outcomes.