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Management Information Systems

This is a graduate-level MIS course for MBA students. The focus of this course is to give aspiring managers an understanding of the strategic use of information systems and prepare them to use information systems as a competitive advantage.

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Course Information

Educational Goals

Today’s business leaders need a thorough understanding of management information systems (MIS) to help deliver business value. Firms seeking competitive advantage expect information systems to do more than just perform tedious tasks, such as payroll or accounts receivable. Instead, firms look to information systems to accelerate product development, control costs, improve customer service and achieve other strategic goals. Business leaders need to develop the skills to work with their knowledge employees, their technical staff, their production staff, their business partners, and their customers to constantly improve their products and services using technology. This course introduces Master’s Degree students to the strategic and operational uses of MIS. The course covers information technology (IT) architecture, business application systems, productivity systems, and Internet-based tools for businesses and customers. Students learn how to evaluate the cost effectiveness and business value of Information Systems. We approach MIS from both managerial and technical perspectives, as understanding both perspectives is essential to business success.

Course Objectives

This course focuses on the effect of technology on the business enterprise and the use of IT for competitive advantage. By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Define and analyze typical functional information systems and identify how they meet the needs of the firm to deliver efficiency and competitive advantage
  • Understand the MIS function in areas such as MIS strategic planning, end-user liaison support, customer-facing systems, and decision support systems.
  • Analyze and discuss the roles played by information technology in today’s business, and define various technology architectures on which information systems are built.
  • Identify the basic steps in systems development and examine the processes of planning, designing and implementing MIS for an organization.
  • Define and analyze various MIS management responsibilities including planning, budgeting, project management, and personnel management.
  • Discuss critical issues in deploying international information systems.
  • Discuss critical ethical and social issues in information systems.


Students taking MBA 5200 must be admitted to the FSU Master’s Degree program in Business Administration. Students should have a basic understanding of information technology principles acquired through personal and/or business use of IT systems, and should be fluent in the use of personal productivity tools such as e-mail, word processing software, spreadsheet/database software, and presentation software.


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