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LiveText instructions

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Setting up an assessement and rubric:

  • Log in to as an instructor, using the login info sent to committee members by email. Contact Erica Harvey ( if you would like to participate in the pilot.
  • Choose one of the courses from the instructor’s list at the right.
  • Click the Assignments tab at the top of the page.
  • Click “Add New Assignment” over on the right.
  • Fill in the title,description, dates (choose post now)
  • Choose an assessment method – no items found…don’t worry about this.
  • Select summative or formative, choose viewable to students.

Note: If you want to have them use a standard template for the submission, you have to build that first and store in Document and then find it and link to it. Similarly with the standards, must make them available first before you can link to them here.

Likewise with Resources.

  • Save Assignment at the end.

Building your rubric:

  • Go to Documents tab
  • Create New
  • Folder – Assessments
  • Template – Design Your Own. DYO is less limiting but you have to fill in all the rows and columns yourself. (The instructions below won’t make as much sense if you choose Standards-based.)
  • Fill in info about the rubric.
  • Save as new document
  • You now see the screen with several sections (Text and Images, Standards, Rubric).
  • You can hide all the extra sections you don’t want to deal with under Manage Sections, and just have a very basic rubric table.
  • Click Hide for the ones you want, and then Finish.
  • Edit the Performance Assessment section (the rubric) by clicking Edit Section on the right.
  • Choose the performance levels that match most closely with what you want (you’ll be able to edit those in the next step so don’t worry too much.) You can edit any of the row and column headers to make them your own (e.g. put commendable where they have it called exceptional or 3.)
  • Add elements down the left (the items or criteria on which you are scoring students. You can click on the word Element to edit it and put in whatever your actual criteria will be. Click on Add to continue to add more elements as needed.
  • Cut and paste from your rubric into the provided rubric template. (Double click a section to get into editing mode.)
  • Add more columns with the right hand Add button and add more rows with the lower left Add button.
  • Double click on the Target..Acceptable..Unacceptable words to edit those cells. You can also add point values and levels (columns) in the little dialog box that comes up when you edit those cells.
  • Save

Sometimes the pages take a long time to load.

Students will go in with the 4 usernames. Tell them to only do the assignment that you have set up for them. No more than 4 students can submit any one assignment you create, because we only have 4 accounts and each account can only submit each assignment one time.

Hope this is enough to get you started! Don’t be afraid to play.

Associating Standards with a rubric

  • Single click on an existing rubric assessment.
  • Click Edit on the Standards section of the rubric.
  • Add Standards
  • For Standard Set – choose All, then it will give you a drop-down list from which you can selest standards.
  • From list, choose ours: WV-FSU-CO (This is only the program outcomes for Mock Program 1, Education, at least those are the only ones visible in the Instructor01 account.)
  • Choose the ones you want to associate with a given rubric, and click Add.
  • Click Finish, to go back to your document.
  • Now you see (after a short wait) the list of chosen standards in the space above the rubric.
  • Edit the rubric section again (click Edit)
  • Go to an element on the left, and when you click to edit it you will now see the list of available standards.
  • Highlight the standard(s) you want to add, and click Add.
  • Then click outside the box and it associates that standard with that rubric element.

Associating a rubric with an assignment.

  • Go to your Assignment
  • Click Edit on the right.
  • Here you can select an Assessment method in the second section.
  • Click Browse and it will give you a list of Assessments; you can choose one you created above.
  • Any outcomes you have associated with the rubric will show up with the rubric you choose.
  • Not clear how to associate outcomes with the assignment itself.
  • Save assignment.