Lights and Sound

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Lights and Sound

Director Notes on Lights and Sound.

Cue description list [[1]]

Changes in Act I, Scenes 4, 5 and 6.

Scene 4 - I would like lighting and sound specific to Marley. These should be used each time Marley appears or is referenced. (Val can create these sounds on the digital piano. She can create thunder, wind and tones. These cues should be recorded instead of live.) {Val notes: Marley sounds on digital will be New Age 2 + wind.} At the end of Scene 3, Scooge will be left alone on stage. He will exit stage left toward the house doors and go around house right and down through the audience. While in the audience, he hears/sees Marley's voice/sound/light effect*.It should be subtle this time. He will stop and look around, say "Marley?" and then continue down the steps toward the stage. Just as he starts up the steps to the stage, we hear/see the effect and "Scrooge" again, just a little stronger. Scrooge stops, considers and says, "Humbug" and exits through the house doors on stage right (house left). Then, the scene changes.

Scene 5 - The scene is now Scrooge's bedroom. Scrooge enters with a candle. He places the candle on the fire place and his soup on the side table and begins to remove his coat. We hear "Scrooge". He stops for a moment, says "Humbug, not possible..." and finishes removing his coat. He goes to light the fire place and hears "Scrooge." A little wisp of smoke comes from the fireplace. He reacts to it. He lights the fire place and moves toward his chair. Crazy things begin to happen with lights and sound. We hear doors opening and closing, locks being opened and bolted closed, footsteps,wind blowing,chains rattling. (Val can create the wind and the tone. She has other sounds on the digital piano too. The sound designer should check with her.) Scooge reacts to them as we hear another, "Scrooge." Then it all fades away to quiet.

Scene 6 runs into scene 5. Scooge collects himself and goes to his chair. He sits down and begins to eat his soup. Just as he lifts the spoon to his mouth, we hear "Scrooge." After the second "Scrooge" we hear heavy footsteps and chains mixed the the sound of wind. All Hell breaks loose. Smoke begins pouring from the fireplace and Marley emerges.

Scene 6 - Entrance of Christmas Past. Lights and sound specific to Christmas Past as she come from floor. The sound should be ethereal, unearthly and should include the "tinkle of wind chimes." There are tones in the score. Val can create the sound here. {Val notes: wind chimes and chords that are in the score} It should probably be recorded and run from the board. The wind chimes should sound again at the end of Scene 7 when Past says "We are going to look at your childhood."

VAL --Can we have a music transition after the windchimes? Perhaps a bit of #8 - A Christmas Carol -- Can it sound like a harpsicord? Then it can change back when the children sing.

Scene 7 - Windchimes - "Now there's a Christmas you really enjoyed."

Scene 8 - Windchimes - "Quick. My time grows short."

Scene 9 - Christmas Past sound that includes windchimes - "Spirit, remove me from this place..." It should be a darker sound that the one we heard when Past appeared in Scene 6 but it should similiar to that sound. Music and Light on Past and Scrooge as bedroom appears. Scrooge and Past do not move. This is different from their other transitions. The scene changes around them. In the other transitions, they will move.

Scene 10 - Madison's voice mingles with Loralee's voice as Past reveals that she is the spirit of Scrooge's sister Jen. Past begins to walk to the trap as Scrooge says, " can't go. She begins down trap...and disappears as her voice continues mingled with Madison's voice. By Past's last line...we hear only Madison's voice and see light streaming for the trap opening.

Christmas Present's entrance should be accompanied by lights that come from behind the bedrooms. It should be almost blinding in the beginning and fade to reveal Present the Christmas Scene behind him.


  • This lighting effect should also appear with the thunder sound effect on page 7 during "No Better Life."



We need a lighting effect that is specific to Christmas Present. It should happen when every time he says "Touch my robe." It can be accompanied by a sound.

Scene 3 to 4 - page 59. Scrooge is sitting in chair in Nephew's house; he watches as Harry and Helen waltz away. The chair is the same one used in his bedroom. The lights fade and the bedroom comes in. Scrooge is still in the chair.

Scene 4 - Christmas Present's exit. The bedroom parts and he walks into the light. The lights fade. The stage becomes very dark. Christmas Present's "light" has gone out and Scrooge says, "Why is it so dark in here? I can't see...I can't see."

page 62 - Entrance of Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come....fog...dark...a log pitched hum....

When they leave the stage, a cocaphony of sound goes with them. Wind, thunder, lighening...a intense, shrill wailing sound. Page 61 - Recorded voices for Cratchit, Isabel, Christmas Past.

Scene 7 -- Marley comes up though trap with lights and billowing smoke.

Scene 8 -Hell On page 71 - When Scrooge says..."Oh Sweet Spirit... Noise will begin and start to grow. Marley's voice and Scrooge's voice begin to intermingle...perhaps to repeat with reverb...the lights fade to black and the noise continues (to cover the sound of the scene change). The voices are recorded. When the sound stops and the lights come up, Scrooge is in his bed. The Phantom has exited in the blackout.


{Val notes: settings for Ghost of Christmases yet to come--Choir and Strings descending by 1/2 steps}