Learning Communities

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Academic Learning Communities

Fairmont State is committed to student success. From broad educational programming to one- on-one tutoring services, every student is important. The learning community program promotes engaged, active, interdisciplinary learning among students and faculty.

The major purpose of a learning community is to enable a student to share more interconnected and expanded learning experiences with other students and faculty. The students form relationships and study groups in and beyond the classroom. All learning communities require each student to enroll in two connected courses during the term. There is no additional cost to enroll in learning communities.

Fairmont State offers integrated and cohort learning communities:
Integrated Learning Communities link two separate classes together by a common theme. Professors from each course collaborate with each other in order to design class work, outside assignments, and activities around this theme. Students must register for both courses and they thereby become a closed community of students who benefit by the coordinated instruction of the thematic learning community. In addition, both courses cover content that is not linked to the other course.

Cohort Learning Communities run a bit differently than integrated learning communities. While two separate courses are linked together by a common theme, one course runs independently from the other. The large content course maintains a high number of students. The small cohort course maintains a small number of students who are also registered in the large course. The cohort course is designed to help students succeed in the large content course. In addition, the cohort course covers content that is not linked to the other course.

Faculty Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities

School of Business Fall 2008 Learning Community