ISSO September 23, 2008

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ISSO September 23, 2008

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Call to order:

  • Date: 9/30/08
  • Time: 12:30


Jasen Reppert, Birendra Chand, Wayne Swiger, Lindsay Short, Jamie Crosby, Eric Wolfe, Jacob Phillips, Josh Posey, John Helman, Maree Reynolds, Devon Zara, Mary Cottrell, Derek Grubb, Clint Cunningham, Delaney Moye, Christina Sheehan, Amanda Slaven, Dr. Wilson, Scott Carr


  • New Officer Introductions

Scott Carr, President Lindsay Short, Vice President Josh Posey, Vice President Barett Bebonte, Secretary Tom Stevens, Acting Treasurer

  • Treasurer Nominations

Tom Stevens, Christina Sheehan, Jasen Reppert

  • Current Project Presentation

Lindsay presented past and current projects that ISSO and the CRC are involved in. Slideshow presentation.

VolleyBall Team

Team Captain, Clint Cunningham discussed the intramural volleyball team. 10 ISSO members signed up for the team.

Blackboard Development

Information was put out about an opening in the Blackboard Development Team. Members were encouraged to put their name in for the position.

Lunch Served:

  • Pizza
  • Drinks

Little Ceasars: $40.00

End of Minutes