ISSO Febuary 2,2009

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ISSO Febuary 2,2009

February 2, 2009


  • 12:30- Call to order


Attendees: Scott Carr, Lindsay Short, Tom Stevens, Dr. Giorcelli, Dr. Blankenship, Chrissy Sheehan, Dr. Wilson, Nicole Haddix, Misty Martin, Clarence Pearson, Jeremy Snodgrass, Jon Hesson, John Helman, Josh Posey, Jasen Reppert.



Pay dues-registration- - - Serena, Chrissy, Marie Cottrel

Serena announced as new intramural captain. (softball, volleyball, bowling)

Total members: 20- 25

Advisory Council meeting today. (Some absences)

Membership statuses: Alumni, Regular, or Associate.

New member: Misty (Graphic designer—major: Graphic Technology)

Current projects: FSU VetTech site, Vinyl Signs (Hardway, Advising)

ISSO Constitution by-laws: reconsider 2/3 voting AT meetings, Proposal to add more to it(Blankenship).


Financial report. Current balance: $2,744.30

(Dr. Giorcelli)

What to use money for? Electronic bulletin board, display booths (trade shows), try to recruit students (technology, internships, research, send students to conferences), have fund raisers.


Get certified (reimbursement for certification), NIS planning conference, FBI center, Looking for new chapter-sponsor membership.

(Tom Stevens)

Interested in CRC? Volunteers, 8/9 am to 4/5 pm. Hardware, Software. Building a computer from scratch.

Ideas for fundraisers? Garage/Yard sale, Raffle (Dell computer)


At Intramural meeting. Roster (softball)


The Columns online, Advertising, Paid position

Student Leadership Conference Coming Up (Feb. 21st, 22nd)

Pet Wash Feb. 6th, 7th

Business Etiquette Dinner

Lunch Served: Pizza, drinks. $31.25


End of Minutes