ISSO Febuary 17,2009

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 13:37 -- sewm02

ISSO Febuary 17,2009

February 17, 2009


  • "Call to order" 12:40


  • Attendees: Scott Carr, Misty Martin, Chrissy Sheehan, Tom Stevens, Matthew Bainbridge, John Helman, Mary Cottrell, Jeremy Snodgress, Jonathan Hesson, Clarence Pearson, Lindsay Short, Jamie Crosby.


  • Roster for Intramural teams, Sign-ups, Team captain needed.


  • Reopen Constitution By-laws. Amendments to be made. Propose: Officers able to purchase anything over $100 = a vote?, Trophies?, Voting via surveymonkey?


  • Lunch served: Pizza, soda.


  • Possible new member's (Matt's) websites discussed.


  • Columns website shown, Website projects shown.


  • Group fall yearbook photo.


  • ISSO dinner vote . . Fundraiser? Advertisements? Falcon Center Conference Room. Awards to be given (trophies).


End of Minutes