ISSO April 21, 2009

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 13:36 -- sewm02

ISSO April 21, 2009

'Call to order: 12:30 (Scott)'

  • Attendees: Scott, Chrissy, Jasen, Clarence, Josh, Dr. Giorcelli, Dr. Blankenship,
  • Pizza/soda served.

Upcoming elections: Nominations: Chrissy nominated Misty for Vice President. Clarence nominated for President. Derek nominated for Treasurer Amanda nominated for President. Next Tuesday is deadline for nominations. Have special meeting next Tuesday to hear from nominees. Have 2/3 vote for each position. (Email to be sent tomorrow).

                       Use survey monkey to vote.

Recommendation to nominees to speak to current officers.

  • Large screen TV for information on ISSO in Technology Building. May join with other organizations. Research for what electronics equipment we would use. Where do we want to put it? . . . 26 or 26 inch TV—built in DVD player? PC? Used laptop?
  • Yale Sale on Wednesday and Thursday of next week! Donations needed.

Chrissy, Jasen, Misty, Clarence, and Scott are involved. Email to be sent out to all members. Flyers to be made.

'End of minutes. 1:13'