ISSO April 15, 2008

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ISSO April 15, 2008

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Attending: Josh Posey, Lindsay Short, Scott Carr, Jamie Crosby, Jeff Jacobs, Sulakshmi Das, Tracie Dodson, Roger Wilson

The meeting began at 12:30pm with Josh Posey welcoming the attendees and our guest speaker.

Josh then called on Scott to introduce our speaker.

Scott introduced Lila Grandstaff who is the Director of Off Campus Programs North.

Lila discussed the strategic plan and how ISSO can become involved in off campus events and recruit off-campus students.

Following the strategic plan presentation and discussion, Scott reviewed the ISSO web site and the ISSO Wiki.

Sulakshmi suggested that we bring in more speakers from corporations and also have a resume workshop with career services.

Dr. Wilson invited ISSO members to attend his Systems Analysis course April 22nd at 11:00 in 144 Colebank Hall. A representative of Backbone Security will be talking about Steganography.

Scott discussed the Web Design Team and asked members to join. The ISSO WDT will meet today at 3:00pm in 134 Colebank Hall.

Sulakshmi suggested going to the lower level IS courses and trying to recruit IS majors and ISSO members and also going into classes that are LS requirements (where there may be a large number of undecided majors) and writing announcements on the board to invite students to a seminar that will be led by ISSO members and will discuss the IS major and ISSO.

Scott reviewed the ISSO blog and the feedback form for the social event.

Scott reviewed the ISSO Web Design Team benefits upon request.

There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 1:20pm.

Next meeting: May 6th at 12:30pm in 134 Colebank Hall.

Minutes Recorded by: Tracie Dodson