Instrumental Chemistry

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Instrumental Chemistry

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Instrumental Chemistry Chem 2215

This page is for Fairmont State University Chemistry students to share references for exam questions on the instruments that are studied in this course.

To get credit for this portion of the course, you must post valid references for each exam question and annotate it.


annotation will include

1. the specific question your reference addresses. This could be shown as "question 4, what is the purpose of nuclear bombs in Iran"

2. What peer review system does it use. (in other words what organization did you find it in.)

3. The date at which you last accessed the reference.


I can think of three type of references. A book, a journal article, or a web site.

Web sites provide the most problems. Make sure your web site is a good one, you can start to determine this by asking what organization is providing the information. In the annotations you will see that I ask you to also give this information

Books You can use the citation machine in the library to create your reference, but make sure page numbers are included.

Journal Article This will probably not be very useful for you, but if you do find something then be sure to properly reference it as shown in the library. again be careful to give correct pages


please all of you use the same formating I want each question listed as a heading. (this will be nice in the long run, because it will make a hyperlinked connection in a table of contents directly to the question.)

The reference will be a sub sub heading under the question.

The annotation will be a sub sub heading right after the reference.

It should look like this Example


Links to different subject/exam areas

Ex1 uv-vis_spec 20

Ex2 Fluorescence

Ex3 Infared Spectroscopy

Ex4 General Chromatography

Ex5 Gas Chromatography


Ex7 Atomic Absorption

Ex8 Mass spectrometry

Ex9 Electrochem

Grading Rubric

This is what I am looking for Question is stated source citation provides enough information to find it talks about how the source addresses the question evaluation of the value of the source

3 points all of the above
2 points 3 of the above
1 points 2 of the above
0 points less than 2 of the above