Implementation Teams

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 14:53 -- sewm02

Implementation Teams

The Implementation Team for each strategic goal consists of key administrators, faculty and staff members charged with the responsibility for meeting that goal. Work on particular actions steps or action items is often accomplished by workgroups, which include additional members.

Implementation workspaces

Implementation workspaces are used to organize the work for each goal, including the people in charge of each action item and the specific work to be accomplished.

Final Reports for each year of the plan

Final Reports (linked from the tables for each Goal on the main Strategic Planning page) contain side by side summaries of progress to date, from the Implementation Teams and Audit Committees for each goal.

Progress Updates (5-6 per year)

Progress Updates, posted in the wiki by the Implementation Teams and reviewed by the Steering Committee, include:

  • summative bullets of major accomplishments
  • Short narrative progress update on each action step; can be linked to action templates or other wiki pages created for this purpose.
  • bullets listing stumbling blocks and resources needed, if any.
  • Updated listing of members on workgroups for the various action steps and action items (use team member wiki pages)
  • Budget update - what has been spent of the initial strategic planning allotment to various budgets and any additional requests