Honors Association

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Honors Association

The Honors Association's goal is to promote and support the Honors Program at Fairmont State. The Honors Association gives students a forum to express opinions regarding future Honors classes, field trips, and other extracurricular activities. In addition to monthly meetings, a luncheon is held for the Honors Association once each semester.


Executive Committee

Director: Dr. J. Robert Baker - jbaker@fairmontstate.edu

President: Alexis Keller - akeller1@students.fairmontstate.edu

Vice-President: Meg Walters - mwalters1@students.fairmontstate.edu

Secretary/Treasure: Jessica Stanley - jstanely7@students.fairmontstate.edu

Mentoring Chair: Michael Kittle - mkittle@students.fairmontstate.edu

Community Service Chair: Holly McGuire - hmcguire@students.fairmontstate.edu


About the Program

The Honors Program offers you and other gifted individuals the opportunity to deepen and expand your intellectual growth. Honors provides a place for students who find that making an A in a particular subject is not ultimately satisfying and who find comfort in a meaningful understanding of their subject and our world.

Through formal academic structures and informal social functions, Honors undertakes to increase your ability to think critically and to communicate effectively. In small Honors seminars, you will complete sixteen to twenty-one hours of the general studies required by Fairmont State. You will develop strong friendships with other Honors students in these classes. You will also have greater contact with the faculty teaching these courses. During your senior year, you will work closely with one of the Honors faculty on an independent senior project.

In Honors, you will have the option of traveling in the United States and abroad as part of interdisciplinary courses.

Each of these activities is designed to encourage you to think independently and to see yourself as a citizen of the planet. I invite you to accept the challenge and to join us in Honors.

J. Robert Baker, Director




Meetings are held in the Tower Room of Wallman Hall at 12:30pm the second Tuesday of every month, with the exceptions of breaks and closings.


Honors Lab

The Honors lab is located on the first floor of Hardway Hall.

Honors students have a computer lab equipped with five PC's, a scanner, and a printer. While used primarily for study, the Honors Lab also provides a space for students to get together between classes.




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