Help:User Page

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 15:38 -- sewm02

Help:User Page

How Do I Find My User Page?

The easiest way to go to your User Page is to click on the link to your username which appears at the top center of the wiki window (beside the little person icon.) Note: You have to be logged in to see this link!

Your page will be blank until you add content to it. This page is a good place to put your biography, interests, photos, favorite links (inside and outside the wiki), etc.

How Do I Find Other User Pages?

There are two easy ways to find other user pages:

  • Type User:Person'sUca into the Search box (E.g., User:Rsmith)
  • Go to the Special pages link in the toolbox at the left of each page, and click on the User list link. This gives you a list of uca's for all the users who have entered the wiki, organized in alphabetical order by first initial.

The page may still be blank if the user hasn't yet edited it. In the User list under Special pages, you can tell which user pages are blank because their links are red. Pages that have been edited are blue.

How Do I Link to User Pages?

Like any other internal wiki links, you create a link to a User Page by using double square brackets around the name of the page. The only trick is to note that the user page names all start with User and a colon (e.g., User:Rsmith). Look at the Edit view for the following two links: User:Rsmith or Robert Smith

Some keyboards have the candlestick character | and others don't show it. It is often found above the \ character.

How Do I Add My User Signature to a Page?

There are two really easy ways to add a signature. The signature includes a link to your user page and the date and time.

  • At the end of something you write, you can just type four tildes in a row and the wiki automatically turns that into the code for your signature!
  • Click on the Signature button near the end of the editing bar at the top of each edit page.