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According to Wikipedia (what else?!) wiki is derived from a Hawaiian word that means fast. A wiki is a quick and easy way to share information on the web. This wiki is a place to put information that you want to share, because nothing in the wiki is private.

Self-Directed Learners

Basic editing is pretty straightforward. Editing basics are provided at several external wiki sites, including a main help page for MediaWiki (the name of the free software being used for the FSU wiki.) [1]

If you are interested in reading more about editing, you may wish to check out the "How to Edit a Page" wiki pages from Wikipedia. [2]

See also the Introduction to Wikipedia wiki pages[3].

A Cheatsheet[4] is also provided in Wikipedia.

To add a calendar to your page, check out Current events


Step by Step Tutorial

The topics covered in the Wiki Basics training sessions (see below) are covered in this Wiki Basics tutorial.


Face to Face Assistance

Sometimes you just want to talk to someone or see something in person!

  • Wiki Basics hands-on training sessions will also be held periodically throughout the spring semester, 2008, and past participants in those sessions are also good resources for questions about how to get started:
    • Wiki Basics Session 1, Jan. 8, 2008. Participants included Kit Conner, Debbie Benedetti, Miwa Edwards, Brenda Mayfield, Donna Nuzum, and Jennifer Okin.

Note to the user community: If you would be willing to help people face to face or by phone, please add your name and contact info to the list above!

Application Ideas for the Wiki

To see some ideas and examples of how people have used the wiki in classroom, research and out of class activities, check out Wiki Applications.

User Page Basics

A great, low-stress place to start is by editing your own user page. To learn more about user pages, click this link: Help:User Page

Frequently Asked Questions