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Group B Project Site

Put your text for your project here.You can keep all of your text here. Use the discussion page for discussion about the project. Save this page for text.

We are taking these kids from bubble one to bubble 7 on that flow chart.We feed off of each other. The Nar. The Dem. The Rep. We progress through the presentation each of us will chime in and talk at appropriate times. Post how/when/where/why you would be talking as a Nar. Dem. or Rep.

Courtney first narrator in one group:

Hey guys were are from Fairmont State University, and we are here to talk to you guys about the election process and the upcoming election. But before we begin, we have a few questions for you.  Then I will ask them to give some of their favorite music artists. After I get five or six different artists, I will then have them vote on them again and narrow it down to two artists. From there the kids will vote a final time and come up with a winner.

The Tie In- All of these artists you guys named decided to become musicians and decided what kind of music they wanted to sing, just like with the presidential candidates. So now you have the opportunity to vote on which musician you like the best. This is very similar to how your parents will be voting on the presidential candidate which they feel is best suited to their tastes to run the country for the next four years. Your parents will be going on the first Tuesday of November to cast their vote which is extremely important that they do so because... okay so i went brain dead on how to explain the importance, could someone help me out?

their vote, like yours shows what they think is important in a person. This fall your parents will choose between two parties the Democrats *enter representative* and Republicans *enter representative*. 

Why'd you all vote the way you did? Because you like them the most, right? You like the way they sing, the way they look, what they wear. Well your parents choose a president based on how much they like him or her too. Only they choose for different reasons. Here, let the Democrat tell you about himself, and the Republican tell you about herself and their values.

OK, this is what I have so far. I won't say it this formal, but I wrote it kinda that way to make it easier for me to adjust later.

If he is elected president, McCain plans to focus on the economy. He wants to lower taxes for big businesses to bring them back to this country and providing jobs for our people, and lower taxes for the small businesses to make it easier for them to thrive. He also wants to have a summer gas tax holiday, halting the federal tax from memorial day to labor day. McCain has also proposed a plan to help us be independent from foreign oil supplies by turning to other resources, such as battery and nuclear power, clean coal solutions, and even tax cuts for buying cars with lower carbon emissions. This will strengthen our country’s security and help our environment. McCain has plans for health care, too, such as making it more accessible with ideas like more walk-in clinics, and more affordable with cheaper healthcare plans. On the war in Iraq, McCain does not want immediate removal, but he wants to finish it quickly and victoriously and find al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

this is where we can introduce our idea of a flow chart. The first bubble is a candidate makes a choice to run for an office and we say that they chose to run for an office because they think their values are best for the country, and think people will agree with them. From there *just as wer're about to loose the kid's attention* we compare this to their favorite musicians again. Each musician has a music style they think is best, and plays it. From there we can introduce the idea of several people in each party running against each other to become the nominee. Any takers on how exactly to go about that?


Okay so we talk about how we arrived at narrowing our vote to two people from several, and say that in each state the Republicans vote amongst several choices and the Democrats vote amongst several choices. These different people want votes from their party (A bubble to fill in!) They might have heard of Mike Huckabee, or Ron Paul. On the other side maybe they heard about Hillary Clinton, or John Edwards. Explain that these were all choices in the PRIMARY ELECTION (another bubble for them to fill in).

During this process we would have the Rep. and the Dem. each chiming in about how only members of their party vote in their primary. They would do their job of bringing to the kids what exactly it means to be a Rep. or a Dem. and it may seem hard to do that for a 5th grader, but that's why it is the Party Representatives only real role in the presentation. Bring the situation to life! Talk about abstracts like freedom, and relate it to everyday activities of the kids. Develop your own personal stand point and really relate to the idea of what it is to be your party, then let it flow out to the kids. If you have a strong believe that your party stand for something let them know it. Remember, Representatives jobs is to get the kids to vote for you!

Okay guys, now I really need some help. Please please please tell me how to go about the Conventions. Thanks!

convention akin to big party to rally base. Balloons streamers, confette loud people. so on....

Media focuses on them from that point on until november 4th. Media bias. Electoral College.


Outline Introduction

Bubble 1- Candidates announce they are running -Music tie in -Make list of music favorites

Bubble 2- Delegates-people who represent in favor of the candidate -Music fans

Bubble 3-Primary Elections -Narrow down the music favorites

Bubble 4-Conventions -Party-Concert-Opening acts

Bubble 5-General Elections -Final vote of favorites

Bubble 6-Electoral College-make small states matter (6 million people in NYC and only about 3 million in all of WV) -All teachers would get together and vote

Bubble 7-Inauguration -Final decision

OK so here is the stuff we need to work on: -six bands at max -a couple reasons why they would vote for each band -to focus more on the candidates -use less "you guys" -to give them handouts with bubbles already drawn -to make posters of the bubbles -to have the candidates make speeches during the conventions -and to have a handout of a map of the electoral college

now i can make the handouts and give them to Fran to make copies of its not a problem but someone will have to give her the construction paper and i know Justine is going to walmart tonight so she has that part and my group is meeting in the library tomorrow at 12:30 to finish our presentation and make the posters so if anyone else would like to join feel free

are the handouts going to be copied on the construction paper? or can Fran just copy on some colorful paper? that may be easier. I forgot to purchase construction paper. I just got the posters and some markers. Kinda confused on everything.

some notes from meeting - remember to include relatives with parents just to be safe in that area. mention debates. ryan and chelsea are focusing more on the issues. start out with two kinds of music and have kids name within those lines.

Group B:b decided to add an additional bubble to the flow chart between bubbles 4 and 5 to include the fact that the candidate travel around to different states and debate over the issues to win voters. This will also aid in explaining the electoral college since we can pmphasize on the point that it helps small states matter, so Obama and McCain do visit smaller states like WEst Virginia instead of just focusing on the larger ones like Texas and California.

does anyone think we should create posters that say "Democrat" and "Republican" just to keep it clear?