Goal 3 Progress Report

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Goal 3 Progress Report

Goal Three: Strategic Planning Progress Report, January 2008

Update – January 2008 from Paul Schreffler, Goal 3 Implementation Team Chair.

  • Committee requests that the steering committee appoint two additional members to this team:

• Jennifer Yerdon
• Devanna Corley

Action Step 1

• Additional meetings will be scheduled with stakeholders in regard to central ticketing issue.

  • Minimal progress during reporting period with the online registration project.

Action Step 2

• Survey will be distributed on GearUP Family Day (February 23).
• A special event at the start of semester generated a significant number of Community Education registrations.

Action Step 3

• Developed and disseminated post-course instructor survey.

Action Step 4

• Spring '08 catalog is the sixth printing of this marketing piece.

  • As stated before, a Community Education marketing plan must flow from an institutional marketing strategy that must be developed.

Action Step 5

• Achieved full implementation of Banner ERP for Community Education student data, instructor access to class lists, etc.

NOTE: A committee action template is available in table form: Action Template

Goal Three: Strategic Planning Progress Report, November 2007

Update – November 2007 from Paul Schreffler, Goal 3 Implementation Team Chair.

Action Step 1

• Convene community education and campus constituents to evaluate, revise and update procedures for community education services (ticketing, registration, facilities assignment, and personnel).

BENCHMARK - The implementation committee will convene constituents, etc…

Status: Done. Ron Weist has met with leadership of GearUp, Falcon center, Fine Arts, Folklife, Culinary Arts, Lifelong Learners, and other off-campus constituents to identify, define and develop further partnerships, and to coordinate and cooperate on activities that these groups offer to the community. The goal three committee is planning additional meetings to identify other constituents that should be consulted in relation to this goal.

Audit committee recommendations for action step one:

  • Permanent funding for director – Not funded to date
  • Online link problem – corrected
  • Online registration project – project charter initiated 11/1/07, estimated time to completion – six months (Note: Alerted on 12/11/07 that this project timeline may "slip" to mid-summer '08, due to higher priority Enrollment Services project)
  • Contact list – Online Calendar is implemented, all Community Education activities are up and current. Link to ‘Questions, Comments, Suggest a Course’ is now on main Community Education web page. Deb Woods is working on a ‘Suggest a Course’ form.

Action Step 2:

  • Convene county contacts and community partners and other stakeholders to explore establishing offerings for targeted populations.
  • Conduct needs analysis and surveys.
  • Develop new offerings in response to needs analysis and input on targeted populations.
  • Target an underserved area for community education programs.

BENCHMARK – Convene Gear-Up site coordinators to facilitate connections with this outreach resource, etc.

Status: Done. Ron met with GearUp coordinators and instructors, and apprised them of this opportunity. A system has been set up for registration of GearUp students and parents at GU sites. Guidelines have been established for Community Education participation through school sites. Several classes already scheduled at GU schools.

BENCHMARK – Publish articles, conduct surveys and highlight specific class offerings through the Gear-Up newsletter – beginning October 2007.

Status: Begun. Articles have appeared in this publication, and will continue.

BENCHMARK – Conduct FS faculty/staff survey for input regarding course wants and instructor capacity/interest. November 2007.

Status: Begun, October, in progress.

BENCHMARK – Continue to offer classes at Gear-Up sites and principal Pierpont satellite centers (Lewis, Braxton, Harrison counties), beginning September 2007. This will leverage existing facility and staff resources.

Status: Begun, September, in progress at Caperton Center and regional GearUp schools.

BENCHMARK – Offer classes in Bridgeport, seen as a demographic area that should be targeted for immediate expansion of certain programs, beginning January 2008.

Status: In planning stage.

Audit committee recommendations for action step two:

  • Market analysis – Not funded to date

Action Step 3:

  • Provide community education providers with orientation.
  • Evaluate needs in consortium of community education providers.
  • Survey community education provider and participant satisfaction.
  • Develop recognition program for community education providers.

BENCHMARK – Establish printed orientation packet for providers. September 2007.

Status: Done.

BENCHMARK – Create banner self-service surveys for both providers and participants. February 2008.

Status: In planning stage.

BENCHMARK – Organize and present recognition event for providers. This will be a reception prior to a theatrical event on campus, where an award of recognition certificate and FS pin would be presented, and free tickets to the event would be provided. November 2007

Status: In planning stage. A social event and recognition for Community Education instructors will be held during the second week of December. This event, a special holiday cookie cooking class (traditionally one of our most popular courses) will include recognition of these providers. Coordination of theatrical event prior to Thanksgiving was problematic, due to scheduling. Additional theatrical or cultural event for recognition is being planned for later in the year.

Action Step 4:

  • Convene county contacts and community partners and other stakeholders to explore establishing offerings for targeted populations.
  • Assess marketing and advertising plan and adjust accordingly.
  • Develop web site. COMPLETED – Year one - website with description of all offerings and online registration was developed. This is an ongoing effort, with continual updates and new offerings posted.
  • Draft catalog. COMPLETED - Year one – Fall ’07 catalog will be the fifth printing of this catalog.

BENCHMARK – As referenced in the June budgetary request document, and in the action step two funding request for market analysis and marketing plan development specifically for Community Education (above). The time frame is dependent upon completion of an institutional marketing plan, and one for Community Education that incorporates the ‘image’ identified to be projected for the institution as a whole.

Status: Pending funding of marketing study

For Year One, the Audit Committee recommendations for Action Step 4 were as follows:

  • The Audit Committee suggested that partnerships outside Marion County be identified and pursued vigorously.

Committee’s prior response: This is related to the networking, relationship development and analysis referenced in action steps one, two and three above. The committee will work with the director and community stakeholders to identify potential partnerships and pursue all mutually beneficial relationships.

  • The Audit Committee affirmed that a marketing plan must be developed by the institution as a whole and implemented so that community education programs may be extended to the greater service area of the institution.

Action Step 5:

  • Update database of programs, activities, and events information.
  • Track numbers in enrollment, class offerings, instructor retention, and event participation.

For Year One, the Audit Committee recommendations for Action Step 5 were as follows:

Create a database of programs, activities, and events information and publish it on the Fairmont State University website, in regional newspapers, etc.

BENCHMARK – All CE data is currently input into Banner. However, data is not always readily extracted from this enterprise management system. Managers in Community Education (and other mid-level managers at the institution) need a better way to access data that resides within the Banner database.

Status: Institutional Calendar up and fully populated with Community Education activities. Banner training project has been approved, and is in an initial assessment stage, with the help of Deb Woods, Internal Professional Development Coordinator and Mary Caraher, a contracted consultant. In the next two to three months, a series of structured interviews will be conducted with internal enterprise system subject matter experts, supervisors and users of Banner and other ancillary enterprise tools to determine the critical training needs of the institution. Also, the development of a new Banner query tool is ongoing. This should help address the needs of employees who wish to access additional detailed information in Banner.

- In addition, we are moving toward listing our facilitators as “Instructors” in Banner and providing access to class rosters and other information via Banner Self-Service. This will allow them to see enrollment information and print rosters without the inconvenience and delays that currently exist. This will cut down on a source of frustration that our instructors and staff currently have in managing class data.

We will also have instructor-facilitated, online community education available by January through a contract that has been established with a leading provider, Ed2Go.