Goal 2 Report 2008

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Goal 2 Report 2008

Goal 2 - Cultivate and strengthen the educational, economic, and cultural well-being of our region.
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Implementation Committee Audit Committee
Report Author Name Lyla Grandstaff Amie Fazalare
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Summary Progress on Goal:

Year 2 - Overall


Year 2 - Overall


Year 2 - Overall

Action Step 1:

Improve accessibility and increase communication.

Progress: Year 2 - Overall Image:YellowDot.gif Image:YellowDot.gif Image:YellowDot.gif Image:YellowDot.gif
Summary of why level was chosen The Publicity Committe will be reformed as the Public Relations Advisory Committee with representation from all areas. The committee will meet twice a semester to provide feedback on current institutional public relations/marketing activities and to give input on future planning. It did not appear that the Publicity Committee had been an active committee. The Audit Committee agrees with the proposed name change and encourages the Public Relations Advisory Committee to also include representation from the Caperton Center and students representing both the University and Pierpont Community and Technical College. The proposed Marketing Director position has not yet been funded.
Recommendations, concerns, and/or difficulties encountered The committee feels a full-time marketing position is needed to take this step to the next level. Action Step 1 needs to be added to the 2007-2008 Timeline for Goal 2. The Audit Committee agrees that there is a great need for a full-time Marketing Director, especially now with the official split of the two institutions.
Action Step 2:

Foster quality community partnerships.

Progress: Year 2 - Overall Image:GreenDot.gifImage:GreenDot.gif Image:GreenDot.gifImage:GreenDot.gif
Summary of why level was chosen The Professional Development Partnership of FSU has established 40 PSD's in six surrounding counties. This has increased from the original work of three schools. The Audit Committee agrees that the institution is well above target in expanding the Professional Development School partnerships and in expanding its philanthropic gifts, grants and contracts. The only goal below target includes assessing the effectiveness of partnerships using established criteria and revising efforts as necessary.
Recommendations, concerns, and/or difficulties encountered Several partnerships have been identified, the committee needs an accurate tool for assessment. Determining if a partnership is effective is too broad of a term. The Audit Committee recommends working with the Institutional Research Office to establish a tool to assess the effectiveness of the established partnerships.
Action Step 3:

Support economic growth.

Progress: Year 2 - Overall Image:YellowDot.gifImage:YellowDot.gif Image:YellowDot.gifImage:YellowDot.gif
Summary of why level was chosen Several action steps are on target. Center for Workforce Education has a full time Director of Economic Development and Center for Workforce Education Mananger are involved with statewide workforce development initiatives that include activities within the coal industry, oil and gas industry, the technology sector, the construction and health care industry. Professional Development through the Center for Teaching Excellence continues to provide professional development opportunities for faculty. Although the institution is partnering with business related agencies and has expanded the professional development opportunities, no work has been completed to develop a "Faculty Loan-to-Business Program". The University side is lacking established advisory groups for all academic areas that have established guidelines and goals.
Recommendations, concerns, and/or difficulties encountered Progress has been made in this area, the committee still lacks action in developing a "Faculty loan to business program". For this action item to move forward a committee needs to be formed to identify the appropriate area within the institution. Development of policies and guidelines to use in implementation and deliver. Financial resources need to be identified to sustain activity. The Audit Committee recommends establishing advisory groups with established guidelines and goals for each academic area and moving forward with the "Faculty Loan-to-Business Program". The institution may want to look at staffing this program with faculty release time.
Action Step 4:

Expand community outreach activities.

Progress: Year 2 - Overall Image:YellowDot.gifImage:YellowDot.gif Image:YellowDot.gifImage:YellowDot.gif
Summary of why level was chosen The institution continues to expand community outreach activities such as the Center for Education in Appalachia. The Audit Committee feels that although some efforts have been made in expanding outreach activities, the institution is below target in meeting the overall goals.
Recommendations, concerns, and/or difficulties encountered Before a Speakers Bureau can be developed, the committee needs to identify the purpose of the Speaker's Bureau, how to identify and recruit speakers, and what constitutes a speaker as an expert in the field. The Audit Committee recommends changing the language of "faculty" in each goal to also include staff and administration. Other recommendations include working with local agencies and chamber of commerces in the service region to establish an "Outreach Fair" where members from the campus communities could be educated about the various needs in their communities and how they could assist the agencies. Offices to include in these efforts: Community Service Learning, Social Sciences, and Career Services. This could also be a part of the brown bag lunch program. In developing a Speaker's Bureau, the committee may want to review the program that has been established by the GEAR UP program for local middle and high schools.
Action Step 5:

Enhance and capitalize upon the intellectual and cultural environment of the region.

Progress: Year 2 - Overall Image:GreenDot.gifImage:YellowDot.gif Image:YellowDot.gifImage:YellowDot.gif
Summary of why level was chosen Significant strides have been made to enhance the communities awareness of cultural events outside the campus. The School of Fine Arts continues to provide cultural offerings in many different arenas. Although cultural offerings have been expanded, there has been no real plan established to increase the awareness of the economic impact of the institution's cultural activities in the region and how to expand and improve the distribution of publicity concerning these cultural activities.
Recommendations, concerns, and/or difficulties encountered The Community School for the Arts would provide the region with the avenue to provide programs geared towards children under the age of 18. The Audit Committee recommends budgeting additional resources and partnering with local groups (Prickett's Fort) to expand the cultural offerings. These offerings would draw more people to the area which would then ultimately provide a positive impact on the economy.