Goal 1 Outcomes Reporting Subgroup

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Goal 1 Outcomes Reporting Subgroup


Strategic Goal 1 - Outcomes Reporting Subgroup

Nancy McClure (organizer), Nancy Parks, Chris Lavorata, Erica Harvey

The Goal 1 Outcomes Reporting subgroup met on 2/7/08 to discuss the progress of program-outcomes reporting and finalize the course-outcomes reporting template linked below (parallel to the one for program outcomes). Please note the deadline requirements, which come from the strategic plan timeline for years 1 and 2.


Information Needed by March 5, 2008

Please send all information below to your chair and/or dean, with a copy to Erica Harvey (eharvey@fairmontstate.edu) by March 5, 2008 so that it can be documented as part of the Year 2 Final Report for Strategic Goal 1:

  • Course outcomes for all 1000-level and graduate courses
    • Some sample course outcome drafts, mainly from curriculum proposals:
    • Course outcomes template- This links to a Word file; information with the same content and structure is also welcomed in Excel. Note that only the first column needs to be filled out for this year, unless the course is likely to be used to satisfy Liberal Studies outcomes. In that case, see below.
  • Course outcomes, direct measures and satisfactory performance standards for all courses that will likely be used to satisfy Liberal Studies outcomes. For courses in this situation, please submit the Course Outcomes Template (linked above) with all three columns completed.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Nancy McClure or any of the other "subgroup" members listed above.

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