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Idiot Sheet for the FTIR

Brand & Model Name: Midac Corporation M Series Spectrometer

1. Turn on the FTIR by pressing the switch on the black rectangle attached to the power cord

2. Allow the FTIR to warm up for 30min

3. Open the program "Essential FTIR" located on the desktop

Essential FTIR

1. Note the tabs in the lower left corner (Data, Instruments, Manipulations, etc.)

2. To analyze a sample click on the Instruments tab

3. Choose what type of scan (transmittance, absorbance, etc.) by clicking the drop down menu next to "Final Data Type"

4. Choose a starting and ending wavenumber by clicking on the Process tab located under the Start button

5. First perform a background scan by making sure the 'background' box is dotted then click Start

     a.   A background tab will appear above with the resulting spectrum

6. Next click the 'sample' box and then press Start.

     a.   The spectrum will appear under the Collection tab

7. To the immediate left of the spectrum is a list of all spectra. There is a "V" and "X" check boxes followed by the filename

     a.   V will be checked, unchecking V will hide that spectrum
     b.   X will not be checked, checking X will remove the spectrum

Manipulating the spectrum with Essential FTIR

1. Under the Background and Collection tabs there are two rows of manipulation buttons which are used to scale, zoom, change color, overlay spectra, and stack spectra (among other things)

     a.   Let the mouse hover over a button to see a description of its function

2. To zoom over a specific spot use the mouse. Hold the left mouse button and drag to form a box.

3. To change a spectrum's type (from transmittance to absorbance for example) click the Conversions & Corrections tab in the lower left corner of the window and then dot the appropriate box

4. To label peaks click on the Analysis tab and then click on Peak Picking in the submenu

     a.   First right click on the spectrum and a horizontal bar will appear. This bar may be moved with the left mouse button and is used to narrow the peak selection
     b.   Notice there is a horizontal Sensitivity bar that can be scaled from 1-100. The larger the number the more peaks the program will label.
     c.   The sensitivity and the horizontal bar must be adjusted to obtain the desired peaks
     d.   Note: Sometimes it is best to zoom in and focus on sections of the spectrum to avoid a clutter of peak labels

5. Notice all the labeled peaks appear in a table below. Click the Export button to save this table

6. To compare spectra use the overlay and stacking buttons

7. Use the save function (ctrl + S) to save the data. It may also be useful to use the print screen (prt scr) button on the keyboard to take a snapshot of the window. This can then be pasted into paint and saved for easy export to a lab report.

To pick your peaks and find your peak heights!

1.) Click on the spectrum you would like to obtain data from

2.) Click on the Analysis tab on the left side of Essential FTIR

     a.  From here you need select Peak Picking; right click on the screen and a blue line will appear; move this up and down by clicking on the line to set your baseline correction; Select APPLY.  Note:  You need to make this the same for all of your spectrum 
     b.  You need to adjust your Sensitivity; the higher the sensitivity, the greater # of peaks you will have.  Click APPLY. 
     c.  Next you need to select Measure Peaks from under the Analysis tab.  Right Click on the left side, center, and right side of the peak you want the height of.  Select APPLY.  A chart will come up under your spectra with all the data in it.  Move the vertical blue lines in the same fashion to the next peak you want to analyze.  Select APPLY.  A new entry will appear in the chart below.  DO this for all the peaks you want analyzed.

NOTE: To Export the Data; highlight all the data you want; Click on the EXPORT tab and select -TO CLIPBOARD. This computer does not have Office, so go to a new Wordpad Document and Paste the data into the document. Save from there! Good luck!!

Added by: Sara Sapp

There is a lot more that can be done with the Essential FTIR program. Please consult the help file for additional information.\

To export Peak Data along with the spectrum go to Analyis\Peak Picker\Report"Button" this will export the file as a .rtf file which is a Rich Text Document that is easily pasted into reports or into word.

To export the data into excel either use a CSV export choice or the actual file extension for excel. CSV can be posted into excel very easily.