Forms repository project

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Forms repository project

Forms Repository Project: Goal 7 of the Strategic Plan can be defined as: Develop, retain, and recruit high-quality people who contribute to a satisfying and productive work environment.

  • The University further extracted this idea by breaking it down into 5 different steps:
  1. Determine the level of professional satisfaction, and identify and address significant concerns
  2. Increase the sense of community and shared mission among employees
  3. Develop policies that enable job flexibility
  4. Expand opportunities for professional development and training
  5. Increase productivity through effective use of technology

This project focuses on step 5: Increase productivity through effective use of technology.

  • We, the focus group of this goal, have been working to make all institutional forms into an electronic up-to-date version. Currently, the majority of the forms can be filled out on line and printed for submission while others can be filled out on line and submitted in various ways through the internet.


  • The repository where the forms are located can be viewed on the Fairmont State Faculty/Staff webpage or by clicking HERE.


  • Ultimately, the group aims to create a system that will enable users to submit a form and allow information to be easily extracted from the submitted form. Extracted data will then be sent to a database which will save and sort the information.


Forms Options

We have the capability of doing several types of electronic forms, as described below.



A form converted to PDF is the most accepted standard for electronic documents and forms exchange.

  • There are two different versions of PDF formatting your document can be in.
  1. One is a simple PDF document. To achieve this, the original form is scanned (or Electronically Converted) into a picture document. This document then can be uploaded to the repository where the end user can access it and print the document off to complete by hand.
    Please Note: This version of a PDF document does not allow you to fill it out online; it can only be accessed and printed.
  2. The other version of a PDF document is a PDF fillable form. A fillable form is a template where only the areas designated can be filled out and the layout remains unchangeable. These forms are filled out directly on your computer and printed for submission.
    Please Note: This type of form will not let you directly hit the save button for a copy to keep. In order to save the form, you must either keep a hard copy that was printed or convert it to a permanent PDF document. For how to convert a document to a PDF please see Electronically Converted


Easy to submit as a mail-to information.



This product is designed to capture information via created forms and can be linked to a datasource or used as a standalone. There is a version of InfoPath in MS Office Suite beginning with Office 2003. Although it is designed for the Windows environment, it should be able to run on Macs with Intel processors that can handle the Office Suite.





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