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The Fishheads are a Biology group that works with Dr. Pamela Davey Huggins and Karen Grubb. The group researches information about different animals and projects dealing with... that's right, Biology. Recently, the group has been working on tanks and exhibits for the fourth floor of Hunt-Haught Hall. The group does miscellaneous fundraisers in order to gain a budget to buy different animals, including bake sales for various holidays, such as Valentines Day.

The Fishheads' exhibits currently include a West Virginia freshwater exhibit with minnows from Valley falls, and an Indo-Pacific saltwater tank, which contains sea urchins, tropical fish, and small crabs, and resembles a coral reef. These exhibits are far from complete and are constantly being improved.

Future exhibits include an Australian Outback exhibit, a terrestrial West Virginia exhibit, and breeding projects involving betas and leopard geckos. A plant and mushroom exhibit has also been considered.


Charlee Allen

Earl Ambrozak

Andrea Burnett

Amanda Chase

James Conrad

Alicia Crites

Gregory Donohoe

Erin Hadox

Roy Jenree

Gary Johnson

Minjee Kwon

Doug Matthews

Jason Osburn

John Pierson

Chris Poletti

Adrienne Riggi

Suzanne Rogers

Christopher Sedlacek

Craig Vincent

Michael Vozniak

Organisms in Possession

Minnows (West Virginia Freshwater Exhibit)

A small catfish (West Virginia Freshwater Exhibit)

Sea Urchins (Indo-Pacific Tank)

Hermit Crabs (Indo-Pacific Tank)

Small Tropical Fish (Indo-Pacific Tank)

Blue-Tongued Skink (Not on Display)

Leaf-Tailed Gecko (Not on Display)

Dumpy Tree Frogs (Not on Display)

Snake-Necked Turtle (Not on Display)

Tarantula (Not on Display)

Betas (Not on Display)

Leopard Geckos (Not on Display)

The Fishheads also care for a Nile monitor, which is not officially part of the Fishheads' growing collection.