First year philosophy

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First year philosophy


Philosophy Statement for the First-Year Experience
Revised Draft

Fairmont State University, including Pierpont Community & Technical College, believes that the first year of university life is crucial to student learning and success. The institution’s goal is to help first-year students from diverse life experiences reach educational, cultural, and social milestones. This goal is achieved through actions that foster the following five integrated components:

  • smooth transition to university life;
  • sense of shared responsibility;
  • challenging and stimulating learner-centered academic environment;
  • sense of inclusive community;
  • comprehensive support program of personnel and resources.

Fairmont State believes all members of the campus community share the responsibility for helping students succeed. This shared responsibility is articulated through a set of expectations that are publicized campus-wide. The institution emphasizes the importance of intentional intervention by all Fairmont State employees in helping first-year students reach their goals for learning and personal growth by fostering a sense of community, campus spirit, and support for its first-year students and by promoting connections with faculty, administrators, support staff, and peers.

Fairmont State facilitates first-year students' transitions to higher education by offering a rich liberal-studies foundation though which students become knowledgeable, critical thinkers who can engage in intellectual, cultural, and social exchange. Subscribing to a broad definition of civic engagement and personal development, the institution purposefully structures, restructures, and nurtures experiences that facilitate learning and promote lifelong learning.