Farmington Timeline

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Farmington Timeline

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November 20, 1968 - 5:30 a.m. First reported explosion. Llewellyn Portal. Source - West Virginian 11/20/68

November 20,1968- 8:30 a.m. Dave Springer and Fannie Hoffman, of the West Virginian, are the only news members allowed near the Llewellyn Portal.West Virginian 11/20/68

November 20,1968- shortly after 8:30 a.m. Sheriff's Deputies closed all roads to the disaster area, and the No. 9 offices near Farmington became the area of waiting.West Virginian 11/20/68

November 20,1968- 8:45 a.m.- Ben Powell, Safety Engineer for Federal No.1 @ Grant Town Recevied official word to proceed in creating a rescue team.- West Virginian 11/20/68

November 20,1968- 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Newspeople of all media begin arriving from, Fairmont, Morgantown, Clarksburgh, Weston, Wheeling, and Pittsburgh-West Virginian 11/20/68

November 20,1968- 9:30 a.m.- Ben Powell has three mine rescue teams on the scene. Llewellyn Portal. Source -West Virginian 11/20/68

November 20,1968- throughout- Many of the persons in waiting took shelter in the Champion Store across from the mine, and temporary media headquarters was errected in the back of the store. -West Virginian 11/20/68

November 20,1968- around 10:00 a.m. contact made with rescue crew at the Mohan airshaft. A crane and bucket were rigged to lift the men out. Two men were taken out in the first trip and three in each of the two subsequent lifts; five of the eight men were hospitalized at Fairmont General and the other three required no hospitalization.-West Virginian 11/20/68

November 20,1968-11:30 James McCartney, Public relations director for Conolidated Coal Co., releases the names of the 21 men who survived.-West Virginian 11/20/68 (see scrapbook 1 page 3)

November 20,1968- (the llewellyn protal had been added the previous year)

November 20, 1968- Ambulances from lazear and kent funeral homes, and Huey's and w.f. jones funeral homes in Mannington and farmington are called to the scene and take five of the eight surviving miners to to Fairmont General. The ambulances are sent hone and are asked to stay on call. -West Virginian 11/20/1968

November 21,1968-morning William Poundstone, excecutive VP of Consolidation Coal Co., announced "since last evening, all attempts to reduce the fire ahve failed." -West Virginian 11/21/1968

November 21,1968- Announcements Smoke still poring out of it [mine] today. "Our immediate problem is ti reduce and contain the fire which spread during the night. We cannot endanger the lives of rescue teames until we are certian the fire is contained and that there will be no danger of aditional explosion." William Poundstone- West Virginian 11/21/1968

November 21,1968- William Poundstone adds "We are still running the mine ventilation fans so that if the men are alive they can get oxygen...all other attempts to contain the fire and reach the men have failed would sealing up of all the portals and shafts be considered."-West Virginian 11/21/1968

November 21,1968- The Champion Store across from the mine provided shelter food and drink for the hundreds of persons waiting for word of loved ones trapped in the mine.-West Virginian 11/21/1968

November 21, 1968 Warnings are issued by the Marion County Health Department of the dangerous carbon monoxide fumes contaiend in the smoke which fills the area surrounding the mine disaster, as well as flying debris and ashes. If the wind shifts it may be necessary to evacuate the